Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Fire Hydrants Checklist

  1. Are the Hydrant system identified with signs?
  2. Hydrant outlets are slightly more than hand-tight.
  3. There are no leaks in the hydrant.
  4. There are no leaks in the top of the hydrant when the hydrant valve is opened.
  5. There are no leaks in the gasket under the caps when the hydrant valve is opened.
  6. There are no cracks or damage in the hydrant barrel.
  7. The operating nut is not worn and does not have rounded corners.
  8. Nozzle threads are not damaged.
  9. Hydrants are accessible.
  10. Check hose Cabinet, if provided, to ensure all equipment is in good condition.
  11. The cabinet door is properly closed.
  12. The cabinet is clean, and there are no other materials inside.
  13. Are shutoff nozzles provided?
  14. Open & close the nozzle to assure it operates easily. Lubricate with graphite if needed.
  15. Test hose nozzles to confirm. Are the nozzles being in good condition?
  16. Open hose nozzles to confirm, is the fire pump responding to the water demand?
  17. Lubricate operating nut.
  18. Lubricate packing.
  19. Lubricate thrust collar.

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Fire Hydrants Checklist

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