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Standard Operating Procedures for Bagasse Safety Management

 1.0 Scope:  

This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and its concerned guidelines & Safe System of Work (SSOW) & Safe Practice of Works and instructions are applicable to [Organization Name].

2.0 Purpose:  

This procedure for (Bagasse-Storage-Management) provides the requirements highlighting safe work practices related to bagasse storage and handling. 

3.0 Definitions& Abbreviations

3.1 Bagasse 

Bagasse is the dry pulpy slag left after the extraction or derivation of juice from sugar cane.

4.0 Procedure and Guidelines 

1. No smoking in bagasse storage area

2. Always try to use excavator for unloading of bagasse from trucks. It will:

Save time.

Speed up unloading work.

Provide safety of employees.

3. There must be gallery around bagasse for:

Swift movement of emergency vehicle around bagasse,

Patrolling of HSE staff,

Firefighting in case of fire incident, 

4. Vehicle conditions and maintenance:

  • All heavy vehicles working on bagasse must use spark arrestors on its exhaust pipes and ventilations.
  • Exhaust pipes/silencers of tractors and other heavy or light vehicles/machinery working on bagasse shall be in working condition. Vehicles with broken exhaust pipes / silencers are
  • strictly prohibited. 
  • All heavy vehicles (Excavator) refueling will be carried out in workshop. Tractors are not permitted to:
  • Bring fuel drums on top of bagasse for fueling of bulldozers. 
  • All types of heavy vehicles such as tractors and bulldozers shall have self-started mechanism. Using various tools for direct starting of vehicles is strictly prohibited. 
  • Provide 4 – 5 various points for going on top of bagasse.
  • Fire hydrant, hose pipes always shall be kept near bagasse storage areas/locations
  • During summers, water sprinkling must be accomplished on bagasse after every 3-4 hours. 
  • All heavy machinery or Vehicle’s maintenance activities should not be conducted near bagasse. For this purpose, nominate or designate workshop area away from bagasse. 
  • Branch Pipe with nozzle, long range jet nozzle and multi-purpose nozzle must be present along with hose pipes (HP). 

5. Provide dust masks and goggles for workers. 

6. Cooking is not permitted near bagasse storage. It should be accomplished in kitchen or separate area at a safe distance away from bagasse. 

7. No electric cables are permitted to pass under, around or over the stored bagasse.

8. Do not store or keep scrap near bagasse storage.

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