Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Method Statement for GRP Water Tank Maintenance


The purpose of this method statement is to ensure that correct materials & methodology are utilized and agreed procedures are implemented during the execution of the Water Tank Cleaning Service.


This Method Statement highlights the procedures to be followed for the execution of the Water Tank Cleaning Service.

Human Resource and Manpower Details

  • Engineer
  • HSE Engr
  • Supervisor
  • Skilled Labors
  • Technicians
  • Helpers

Tools & Equipments

Grinder, Drill, impact wrench, safety harness, Safety PPE’S (Helmet, Safety Shoes, Coverall, Mask, safety jackets),

Safety Precautions/Risk Assessment 

  • The risk assessment is attached.
  • All work to be commenced following the project HSE Plan and the local HSE regulations.
  • All work to be conducted in accordance with the “Water Tanks Management Plan” Method statement and risk assessment to be addressed via TBT and START which must be carried out before commencing work on site.
  • [Organization] Safety department will monitor all the safety measures of the Water Tank Cleaning Service and the first aid facility will be provided by [Organization].
  • All workers will be given Safety Induction Training before start the work.
  • Proper PPE (job-specific) will be provided to all workers (Eye protection, Hearing Protection, chemically treated protective garments, Safety Shoes, Helmet, Goggles, Mask and Gloves) and respiratory protection, including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) if necessary.

On-Site Operation

  • Wear personal protective equipment. (safety shoes, coverall, helmets, safety mask, harness, safety goggles & safety jacket)
  • Trace the leakage location while the tank is full.
  • Tie all the bolts in the leaking zone, if the leakage doesn’t stop, we will fix extra bolts in the same place.
  • If the leakage doesn’t stop, the subject compartment must be completely emptied by opening the outlet valve/tap and drain out any remaining liquid. Permanent water storage tanks are usually adjusted with a washout valve that draws water from the base. Use this type of Valve for discharge rather than the normal outlet valve.
  • Get inside the tank and do the grinding to rough 10 cm of each side of the leakage joint
  • GRP laminating of the ground area by 2 layers of CSM matt 450 grade & 1 layers of tissue.
  • The polyester top coating on the top of the above-laminated area.
  • Fill up only 1 compartment & check if there is any remained leakage to be treated.
  • Shift the same water to the second compartment and inspect again if there is another leakage to be treated.
  • Fill the second compartment and put the tank in use.

 General Requirements 

  1. As a general requirement for all device installations, ensure the installation area has been cleared for MEP works.
  2. Approved mockup installations where applicable shall precede the installation of other devices.
  3. Terminations/completion to be accomplished as per standard and approved procedure.


Risk Assessment 

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Method Statement for GRP Water Tank Maintenance 

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