Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment for Rain Water Pipe Fixing at TG Building

Activities, Potential Hazards and Control Measures 

1-Reaching to the place


  • Improper route to reach the top of the working place/fall of the person
  • Absence of PPE or not used / fall of a person

Control Measures

  • Proper two no. of lifeline should be used, fall arrestor should be used 
  • Ladder should be fixed with proper dimension and PPE rope. 
  • Use of PPE (Hand gloves, Goggles, etc.).                                                       
  • Ensure availability of full-body harness and fall arrestor with supervision to ensure use.

2-Use of tools at height and Welding machine use for Fixing rainwater pipe


  • Improper arrangement of lifeline, platform, not use of Fall arrestor can cause fall of person and material                                                               
  • Electric shock due to improper tool use for drill/ welding.
  • Improper material handling / Fall of material
  • Bad environmental condition. / fall of the person
  • Untrained worker / Fall of person

Control Measures

  • Material should be kept away from open edge and tied with a stable position.
  • Carry out the work in sufficient daylight and proper illumination should be provided at night.
  • No work should be done during stormy or windy weather
  • Worker should be physically fit and trained for work at height.

3-Coming down after work completion


  • No use of fall arrestor and Full Body Harness/fall of the person

Control Measures

  • Ensure supervision to enforce the use of fall arrest and full-body harness. Toolbox meeting
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