Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist

To prepare Cooling Tower Maintenance checklist, the following points will be very useful and at the end of this post, an editable word format Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist is available. for more free HSE content such as Safety procedures, Health and Safety Guidelines, risk assessments, toolbox talks, various electrical documents, method statements visit our blog at  HSE Documents :

Inspect Observe and Clean as Necessary

  • Observe the general condition of the unit & check for unusual noise or vibration
  • Inspect cold water basin
  • Flush water distribution system/inspect spray nozzles
  • Drain basin & piping
  • Observe air inlet louvres/combined inlet shields
  • Check & adjust water level in basins
  • Check operation of the make-up valve
  • Check & adjust the bleed rate
  • Inspect unit finish

Mechanical Equipment System

  • Check belt condition
  • Adjust belt tension*
  • Lubricate fan shaft bearings
  • Lubricate motor base adjusting screw
  • Check & lubricate optional gear drive
  • Check drive alignment
  • Check motor voltage & current
  • Clean fan motor exterior
  • Check fan motor for proper rotation
  • Check the general condition of the fan
  • Inspect & unplug fan drain holes
  • Check fan for uniform pitch
  • Check fan for rotation without obstruction
  • Check & recoat steel shafts with Rustproof paint on newly installed belts must be regulated after the first 24 hours of its operation and quarterly, and for later.


Do not carryout any service on or near the fans, motors and drives, or inside the unit without first making sure that the fans and pumps are disconnected from energy sources, properly locked out and tagged out and PTW procedure is established .

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Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist 

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