Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Risk Assessment for Cradle-Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

The following is some some key points to prepare risk assessment for Cradle-Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). For complete risk assessment, you can download complete editable file by just the download link give at the end of the article:


Connecting Cradle


  1. Rolling cradle on to feet.
  2. Cradle is heavy and awkward.
  3. Falling off the ladder
  4. Mishandling cradle hooks.
  5. Low garage roof.
  6. Cradle connecting hook not inserted

Risk Consequences

  1. Squashed feet and broken toes
  2. Back and muscle injuries
  3. Fall injuries.
  4. Severe fatal physical injury if close to barricade and death.
  5. Severe head injuries for people standing underneath
  6. Hitting your head on the garage roof
  7. Cradle will fold and tilt or lean when lifted from the rooftop.
  8. Operators may fallout

Control Measures

  1. Wear steel-capped shoes at all times.
  2. Make sure that two workers need to move the cradle
  3. Ensure the ladder cleats are used at all times.
  4. Ensure the portable or other types ladder cleats are used at all times.
  5. Never mount ladder close to parapet.
  6. Always make sure that no one is nearby when attaching rope hooks.
  7. Install the hazard type and sign on the garage.
  8. Always make sure that the cradle hook is properly inserted.

To download complete risk assessment, please click on the following link:

Download File

Risk Assessment for Cradle-Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

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