Sunday, December 13, 2020

Electrical Risk Assessment Form for Sub- Contractors

The aim of this risk assessment, which includes a review of the electrical hazards, the associated certain assignments, and the defensive initiatives that are needed to preserve an acceptable level of risk. A risk assessment should be executed before work is started.

Steps of Risk Assessment 

  1. To identify the electrical hazards related to the task and the electrical system, or process included. For example, fatal electrical shock hazard risk; arc flash hazard risk.
  2. To identify the electrical task to be conducted within the electrical system or process.
  3. Characterize the possible failure approaches that result in exposure to electrical hazards and the potential consequential harm.
  4. To assess the severity of the potential injury from the electrical hazards.
  5. Determine the likelihood of the occurrence of every hazard.
  6. Define the level of risk for the correlate hazard.
  7. If the level of risk is not acceptable, analyze the further measures or corrective actions to be adopted. For example, wear proper and essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and if the risk even exists with severity, do not conduct the activity.

The following Risk Assessment is useful and helpful for the sub-contractor in editable word format, just click on the below-given download link and get the risk assessment free.

Download File

Electrical Risk Assessment Form for Sub- Contractors.

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