Monday, November 9, 2020

Job Safety Analysis for batching Plant Operation (Commissioning)


  1. Electrocution
  2. Moving Parts/Trip Hazard
  3. Fire Hazard

Control Measure

  1. Entry to be prohibited and restricted inside the batching plant operator room other than the operator and the electrician
  2. Only authorised operator to be operated the same.
  3. Appropriate earthing to be given and all the connections are to be provided through Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) only.
  4. An electrician has to use rubber hand gloves (Tested and Trademark) while doing local test and all.
  5. Identification boards to be displayed.
  6. All the types of machinery to be checked and certified 
  7. by putting a green sticker
  8. All the moving parts of the machinery/equipment to be guarded and no loose clothing permitted near the machinery/conveyors.
  9. Unauthorized entry to be restricted.CO2 fire extinguisher to be provided.
  10. Cement Loading


  • Dust Hazard
  • Eye Hazard

Control Measure

  1. Nose mask to be provided to those who are engaged in cement loading work.
  2. Safety goggles to be provided other than PPE’S for all those who are engaged in the work.
  3. Shifting of material using Loader
  4. Mobile Plants/Hit Hazard

Control Measure

  1. Proper documents of the mobile plants/ machinery or equipment /vehicle to be examined and cleared ‘OK’ before entering the site.
  2. A valid licence for the operator.
  3. Proper access to be provided by clearing all unwanted materials or traffic to enter the workplace.
  4. Movement area of the machine to be isolated.
  5. Daily inspection and observation for the equipment and the checklist to be fulfilled daily.
  6. Continuous supervision to be provided.
  7. Placing of transit mixer


  • Mobile plant/Hit Hazard

Control Measure

  1. Vehicle to be checked & observed and valid document to be verified.
  2. A valid licence for the vehicle driver.
  3. Daily inspection for the vehicle and checklist to be accomplished.
  4. Access to be cleared from all waste and un-necessary materials and traffic for vehicle movement.

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