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Method Statement For Installation of GI Conduits, Back Boxes & Accessories

 1. Purpose

The purpose of this Method Statement is to describe the details used and controls to be carried out for the installation of G I Conduits, Back Boxes and Accessories to ensure that it complies to Project requirements, specifications and standards.

2. Scope

This Method Statement is applicable to all G I conduits, back Boxes and accessories at (PROJECT NAME) electrical works in slab, screed, wall and ceiling serving Lighting, Small Power, Fire Alarm, Low Current, Intercom and Lightning Protection.

3. Definition


  1. GI - Galvanized Iron
  2. QAQC - Quality Assurance Quality Control
  3. RFIA - Request for Inspection – Test
  4. ITP - Inspection and Test Plan
  5. TBT - Tool Box Talk
  6. MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

A. Approved

Approved means approved in writing by the applicable Engineers Assistant acting within the scope of their delegate authority.

B. Shop Drawings

Means drawings produced where the contract designs drawings require expressing in more basic form to facilitate construction.

C. Final Inspection

Means the inspection of the records of works at completion or at completion of pre-determined elements to ensure that all previous inspections and tests have been satisfactorily carried out and properly recorded.

D. Materials

Means all items covering the materials or equipments delivered to site that must be incorporated in the project.

E. Method Statements

Method Statements (MOS) means a technical document to be read in conjunction with the drawings, specification, standards and codes of practice, technical data sheets, schedules, work instructions and any other technical document related to a particular work.

4. Reference Documents – Specifications, Drawings. Etc.

  • Project Quality Plan
  • Project Specification
  • Approved Shop Drawings
  • Manufacturer Instruction

5. Responsibilities

  • The Project Manager shall be responsible for the entire construction activities.
  • The Construction Manager (CM) Site Engineers, Supervisors and Foremen shall implement this Method Statement.
  • The Material controller shall be accountable for receiving materials on site warehouse.
  • Site Engineer / Supervisor shall check the materials as per manufacture’s recommendation prior to installation and shall be responsible for the installation as per approved shop drawings.
  • Safety Officer shall ensure that appropriate / necessary measures are in place at work location to avoid any unexpected events.
  • QAQC Inspector shall be accountable for conducting inspections for the materials delivered on site. He shall document such inspections.
  • QAQC Engineer / Inspector shall monitor the installation activities progressively and shall record all deviation from specification in a form of snags or non-conformance notification.

6. Method of Execution or Application.

  • Ensure that materials G I Conduits, Back Boxes and Accessories-are store as per manufacturer’s recommendation, procedures and project specifications.
  • Prior to material use, ensure that Materials Inspection Request (MIR) is raised and approved.
  • Ensure that the material is free from damages.
  • Install the conduits as per approved Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings and Project Specifications. Comply with specifications on support installation to prevent from sagging. Any changes in the routing shall be RED LINED in approved Shop Drawings and changes shall be reflected in AS-BUILT DRAWINGS.
  • Approved fittings shall be used for joining G I Conduits. 
  • Any bench marks shall be removed from GI Conduits and painted immediately after erections.
  • Cover all ends of conduits to prevent any debris going inside thus blocking the conduit.
  • Ensure that workmanship is tidy and complying to good construction practices.

7. Inspection and Testing

  • After completion of the work, the Site Engineer who perform an activity are required to raise an RFIA (Request for Inspection and Approval) with complete information regarding the scope of inspection, including necessary drawings highlighted to show the scope of inspection. He shall systematically check and inspect their work. The inspection shall be performed according to typical checklist and approved Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) which shall also be attached to the RFIA. 
  • After the Site Engineer completed their inspection, RFIA shall be submitted to QAQC Department who shall process the documents to have completed work inspected by Supervision Consultant for their approval

8. Tools and Equipments


  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • Electric Pipe Threader


  • Pipe Cutter
  • Pipe Reamer
  • Hickey Bender / Bending spring
  • Electric drill with wits
  • Jigsaw
  • Hacksaw
  • Open and box type spanners
  • Chalk line / marking pen
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ball Hammer and cold chisel
  • Screw Driver set
  • Level Bar

9. Manpower


  • Construction Manager
  • Site Engineer
  • Supervisor
  • QC Engineer / Inspector
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Safety Officer


  • Foreman
  • Trade workers
  • Helpers / Labours
  • Drivers

10. Health, Safety and Environment

Safety of all workers and equipment is the highest priority of organization during the execution of the Works.

Personnel Protective Equipment

  • Safety Helmet
  • Safety Glasses (during drilling and use of grinders)
  • Face shield (during grinding)
  • Safety Footwear (steel toes)
  • Safety Gloves (for material handling)
  • Coverall (as protective clothing)
  • Full Body Harness
  • Respiratory Mask (if require)

Tool Box Talk (TBT)

  • HSE Tool Box Talk shall be given by the site supervisor every week and/or as deemed necessary.
  • HSE tool Box Talk shall brief the task / subject and shall be given in languages understandable by multinational workforce.
  • HSE Tool Box Talk attendance shall be recorded on a sheet and signed by attendees.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

All materials shall be identified and all MSDS should be read and understood before use.


Housekeeping shall be maintained by all personnel working at site. Housekeeping for fabrication and installation shall be as per project safety plan and organization Safety Manual.


All Mandatory safety warning and caution signs shall be displayed at work locations.

11. QC Approval and Other Documentary Requirements

  • Material Technical Submittal Approval
  • Shop Drawing Approval
  • Material Inspection Report (MIR) approval
  • Installation Request for Inspection – Test (RFIA)

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