Saturday, September 19, 2020

Excavation Hazards and Controls Measures


  1. Fall of Person 
  2. Fall of Object 
  3. Contact with Underground Services 
  4. Loose or Uneven Ground 
  5. Dust 
  6. Improper Communication 
  7. Improper Access & Egress 
  8. Improper Material Lifting 
  9. Severe Weather Condition 
  10. Poor Lighting 
  11. Poor Ventilation  
  12. Toxic Gases 
  13. O2 Low Concentration 
  14. Snake & Scorpio 
  15. Flooding 
  16. Cave-in 
  17. The collapse of Adjacent Structure 
  18. Fire & Explosion 
  19. The collapse of Excavation Edge 
  20. Hazardous Material 

Control Measure 

  1. Hard Barricade with Scaffolding 
  2. Toe-board 
  3. Site Map, Metal detector, Line tracking, manual digging for OIL & GAS, Cable detector, Radar Technique 
  4. Level Ground by Soil Compaction  
  5. Dust Mask 
  6. Radioactivity 
  7. Ladders 
  8. Cargo Lift, Rope with Bag, Gin Wheel 
  9. Don’t Work If there is (20 Knot) Windsock 
  10. Maintain minimum lux level 
  11. Provide Forced Draft Fan 
  12. Gas testing, BA Trolley 
  13. Induced draft fan, BA trolley  
  14. Pet Control System 
  15. Water Extraction System 
  16. Don’t work in severe condition 
  17. Don’t excavate near adjacent structure 
  18. Isolate and LOTTO System 
  19. Battering, Shoring, trenching 
  20. Check Waste Management Plan

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