Saturday, May 23, 2020

What is a Confined Space-Toolbox Talks

What is a Confined Space?

In today’s Toolbox Talks, we will discuss how to find or identify the confined space at the worksite.

A confined space must have all of the following characteristics:

  • Have narrow means of egress (Opening)
  • The Manholes system
  • The Transportable or moveable Plates/Hatches
  • The Ladder as an Entry/Exit
  • Any hole/Pit/excavation site with an approx. depth of 5.0 ft.
  • Space must be huge enough to enter
  • Space is not constructed for the continuous human occupancy

If you will answer yes to all of these questions, it will be called as confined space:

  • Does space have a sign from the confined space expert/competent authority? 
  • If it does not and you think it could meet the required criteria of a confined space, you should contact the organizations health and safety department for further help.

When is a Confined Space Entry Permit Needed?

  • If a confined space has any known hazards such as an atmospheric hazard, an engulfment hazard then a work to permit is required for entry into confined space. Remember that certain activities in a Confined Space can make a permit mandatory.
  • Only employees or technical workforce that have attended the Confined Space Entry recommended training or annual refresher training are permitted to enter a permit-required space.

Group Discussion Topics:

  • Talk about entry procedures and any events that relate to your facilities confined spaces.
  • Ask the team if they have any questions or any stories regarding the confined spaces.
  • Identify how someone could be injured in the confined spaces in your worksite or project, how can this be interrupted?
  • Determine if any of your personnel require confined space training and contact companies for scheduling information.
What is a Confined Space-Toolbox Talks

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