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Confined Space Entry Procedures Toolbox Talks

Confined Space Entry Procedures Toolbox Talks

The Confined spaces present a variety of hazards and that is why specific procedures must be developed and followed for every entry into it. This Toolbox Talk is created to review these procedures for workforce who have already been trained in confined space entry.

Always Be Ensure:

Get a copy of the entry permit and hazard or risk assessment and review the hazards related to with space
Ensure that the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Rescue Retrieval Equipment and methods of Communications
    1. Appropriate Equipment is available and in good working condition.
      2. Always conduct continuous air monitoring by using a multi-gas air monitor or detectors.
      3. Confined Space must be labelled with a confined space “DANGER” signs or posters.
      4. Review the confined space “DANGER” sign or posters and make sure the available information corresponds with the information on the hazard assessment/risk assessment
      5. Notify and inform the Operations Center (with names and the confined space ID numbers) and wait for authorization to begin the entry procedures.
      6. When the entry into confined space is ended, notify the Operations Center.
      7. Return the permit to permit (PTW) to your Supervisor (Always retain the PTW for 3 years)
      The both entrant and attendant have their particular responsibilities during a confined space entry. These include be:

      The Attendant to Confined Space

      1. Must understand the signs, posters and symptoms of exposure that the entrant may expose.
      2. Remain outside of the confined space during entry operations – Do not leave the space unattended while working with such conditions.
      3. Continue monitoring the atmospheric conditions of the space.
      4. Maintain continuous communications with the entrant and never left him alone.
      5. Do not perform any other work activities while attending an entry to confined space.
      6. Adopt non-entry rescue and measures emergency rescue by notifying Operations Center

      The Entrant to the Confined Space

      1. Understand possible confined space entry hazards and be aware of signs and symptoms of exposure,
      2. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as specified on the permit or the confined space hazard assessment,
      3. Maintain proper continuous communications with the attendant,
      4. Evacuate the confined space immediately upon notification by Entry Attendant,
      5. Alert the attendant and exit the confined space ASAP whenever there is a warning sign, posters or symptom of exposure.

      Confined Space Entry Procedures Toolbox Talks

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