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Method of Statement (MOS) for Testing & Commissioning of Fire Alarm System (FACP)

The primary aim of the following method of statement is to describe comprehensively the various steps for the testing, installation & Commissioning of fire alarm system. This procedure is defining the step by step method to implement the correct and appropriate practices for the pre-commissioning & commissioning of "Fire Alarm System (FAS)" through the technical documented guidelines and procedure having all required authentic and complete details and information to ensure that the job execution complies with the project requirements and serves the intended function to a satisfactory level.

1. Tools Required:

  • Portable Hand tools
  • Step Ladder
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Continuity tester

2.  Pre Commissioning Procedure for Fire Alarm System

The accountable and the competent installer should ensure that the Fire alarm (FA) field devices installation is complete, functioning as intended and completion is approved by the concerned personal or authority. Ensure a written Acceptance test procedure (ATP) for testing the fire alarm system (FAS) components & installation will be following international standards (NFPA 72) and specifications & approved by civil Defense authority and or the other regulatory institutions or sectors.

3.   Cable Testing

Upon completion of installation & inspection of cables they will be tested as follows:

After completion of the landing of the FACP cables, the cables will be tested with a standard industrial insulation tester. The tests shall be conducted to check and or verify for short circuits between conductors and the outer sheath. If each core cannot be identified, they will be phased to determine each core at both ends & will be appropriately marked.

  • Ensure that the smoke detectors, speakers, bells, strobes & fire man’s telephone jack are identified location wise and service wise.
  • Ensure that the wiring termination to the Fire Alarm Panels is complete & correct polarity is maintained for all field devices.
  • Ensure that wiring termination to the voice evacuation panels for speakers and fire man's connecting device (telephone) is fully complete & correct level of polarity is maintained at all field devices.
  • Ensure that the Fire alarm cables are pretested for continuity before termination.
  • Ensure that the earthing of the Fire Alarm panels & voice evacuation panels has been completed.
  • Ensure the availability of power supply to the fire alarm panels & voice evacuation panels 8 check the presence of batteries in an all Fire alarm panels.
  • Check for the appropriate location & mounting height of all the manual call points. All these installations should be as per the required and recommended standard of NAPA, etc.
  • Verify and double-check all field devices are appropriately supported & secured.
  • Check and verify for proper identification on of all Fire alarm (FAS)cables.

4.  Commissioning Procedure for Fire Alarm System

  1. Ensure that all the pre-commissioning checks are carried out successfully.
  2. Switch ON the power supply to the Fire Alarm Panel.
  3. The Presence of each FACP device shall be verified by electrical operation of the device & its physical location shall be checked to correlate with the approved shop drawings.
  4. Cause & effect programming shall be undertaken in line with the specification requirements.

Simulate one of the smoke detectors (SD) by artificial smoke or magnet & observe the following:

  • Ringing of Bells
  • Sounding of speakers
  • Flashing of strobes
  • Closure of Fire Dampers & its status indication (error notifications)
  • Indication of Fire Zone in the Panel
  • Communication of Fire Status to Control Room
  • Shut down of AHUs
  • Starting of extract fans
  • Operation of Staircase pressurization units
  • Elevators Recall Signals (ERS) to existing towers as per cause & effect.
  • Reset the Fire Alarm panel (FACP) & check the above after simulating a Heat detector.
  • Each initiating device shall be tested following the manufacturer’s recommendations &Witnessed to indicate fire on the control panel.
  • Similarly, use the manual call point to check the operational Features of the system.
  • Each test fire will be witnessed to trigger the mandatory cause & effect or evacuation fire plan (FA).
  • In areas where audible alarms are given the sound levels will be verified following the specification requirements.

5. Test for Fireman's Telephone System

  • Turn ON fire alarm & voice evacuation panel.
  • Trigger any broken glass for fire response action.
  • Check for voice message through speakers Insert fire man's telephone in any floor jack & announce a message.
  • Check and verify the recorded message to know the intended functionality of the (FAS) through the speakers are interrupted and the announcement is heard.

6.          Attachments

  • Pre-commissioning check sheet for Fire Alarm System
  • Commissioning check sheet for Fire Alarm System
  • Risk Assessment
Method of Statement (MOS) for Testing & Commissioning of Fire Alarm System (FACP)

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