Monday, May 4, 2020

HSE Interview Questions & Answers

In the rapid developing and frequently changing the economic world scenario, the need and demand to get the right workforce for the employer are always a top challenged. The organization and establishments are upgrading their documentations, processes and the business trends with the needs and expectations of the company owners. Beside of all these challenges, we as an employer to have seen and look for all aspects such as the state and or the country where is he is doing his business or plan to shift or upgrade his business systems.
You as an employer, have to look for many things regarding the employee or workforce you are going to hire. On the other hand, the candidate and or employee prepare himself to know about the company where he is going to work and for this purpose, he prepares himself to meet those challenges he will have to come across and or face in the future from his employer and will get revenue in exchange to his services for the company.
So an interview option is very helpful for both parties to know each other and exchange their views and information, thoughts and ideas to build strong business relationships and tie up the even stronger and stronger as time passes and finally both are beneficial for the organization, the employer will get more business, reputation, fame and on the contrary side the employee will get money, promotions and better social and happy life.
You as an employer, before hiring your worker or employee, you use various electronic or paper media e.g., recruiting agencies, newspapers, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, and post your advertisement with clear job descriptions containing all information such as time frame to join, expected salary, professional experience, academic qualifications, etc.
Where, you are applying for the specific job that best matches to your professional career, experiences and salary expectations. You prepare at your level best to go through the interview procedure and try to fresh up your memory with old or newly available resources using various books, notices and precious opinions from your friends already have the high rank of expertise in their field of work.
Now, as I will discuss my personal experience here with you what you will face while applying for the job, especially, when you convert your career from one job experience to the other. Here, I would like to share the real situation experience. First, I have seven to eight (7-8) years of experience in the security field. During my security job, I completed my health and safety education and gradually, I got my national and international certificates, level-6 Diplomas, and Grad-iosh, etc.
I applied for a new job as health and safety professional and conducted almost ten (10-times), and despite satisfying my interviewers, but each time, I was disappointed. I was asked very strange and inappropriate questions. If I have described all experiences and details in my resume, then the interviewer panels again repeatedly asked me the same questions.
The most question I was faced, why, we hire you? While you don’t have any local experience (the country where I lived as an expatriate). I think, most of us have faced this situation. My answer is this, if you have fulfilled the academic, professional qualification, and can accept the channel, then you must be given chance to be selected and prove yourself the right candidate.
The other issue, I have experienced and faced, that was favoritism, discrimination, prejudice, reference and personal interest. At last, when, I was hired by the direct employer (MD) of the company, I worked for him and done beyond his requirements and expectations.
This document contains some important Health and Safety Questions and Answers for the safety professionals who are going to conduct their interviews. If you are fresher in HSE profession and or you are sincere, you can get some information for your HSE thrust. You can also fresh up your memory for the health and safety integral topics. Hopefully, you will get some important health and safety information & material that will enhance your professional career.

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