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Training Needs Analysis Matrix Format

Health and Safety Training Needs

An Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Training Matrix is very impressive planning and communication tool utilized by the company and or organization to dominate and follow their health and safety training needs. To implement health safety and environmental policy within the organization to gain the set goals and objectives, continuous training needs and their proper assessment is mandatory. It also shows the commitment of an organizations top management and decision-makers towards a hazard and risk-free working environment in the worksite or the entire organization. This is another aspect of how this training needs help the Organizations towards promoting a solid, strong and positive safety culture. A project or line manager or supervisor can easily detect and track the obligatory training without indicating to volumes of procedures, legislation organization health and safety policies. Training needs analysis also be used for rapidly determining who has been trained, when they were trained, what shortcomings there are in their training, scheduling training and allocating resources. A health and safety training matrix can also be used for workforce or employee development and performance evaluation. They can be kept in both formats for example, electronically or in paper form, the most of them will display or arrange for them in workforce, staff, technicians, MEP staff or employee’s areas for several good sense.
A Training Needs Analysis is a mechanism that can be utilized to record health and safety training and skill levels within companies. An HSE Training Needs Analysis has a variety of uses from supporting difference analysis between required and actual knowledge levels and also tracking proficiency levels. When utilized as an observable management tool, the matrix can identify, evidently, individual competencies levels and Vulnerability within the department.
To enable worksite Employers to create their health and safety Training Matrix, HSE Documents have created a template and we would encourage employers to utilize and alter the Training Needs Analysis Schedule template to fit and suit their organization (HSE Documents) and workforce needs.

Why do an Organization Training Needs Analysis Need?

To follow up health and safety policy, and to promote a better, well balanced and positive safety culture within an organization, to fulfill state’s legislative requirement that all occupational health and safety training needs are analyzed and accomplished. The primary analysis identifies any shortcomings in HSE training required in ensuring the safety of people, employees and other members of the society and stakeholders are met in compliance with the health Safety and Health Act, regulations of the country. All middle and top level of management of the organization are responsible for undertaking a TNA for the positions in the areas of their responsibility, and are required to review and adjust Training Needs Analysis register continuously.

What Do You Need To Conduct TNA within Your Organization?

To conduct the TNA in the organization, you will need to know the following:
Firstly, the competences, abilities, skills and knowledge required by each member of your workforce and or employee as per their job description.
Secondly, the type of health and safety training that provides evidence of competency for each work task or activity i.e. work at height, work in confined space, use and storage chemical and hazardous substances, driving in extreme weather conditions (e.g., fog, thunderstorm or dust storm).
Thirdly, the status of each employee and or workforce health and safety training history in regards to each area of competency requirement.
And in the last, strategies and planning for closing the shortcomings through a variety of learning and assessment options.
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Training Needs Analysis Matrix Format
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Training Needs Analysis Matrix Format

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