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QHSE Internal Audit Inspection Closure Report

Health Safety and Environmental (cooperatively HSE) is regulation and skill that examine and implements practical features of environmental protection and a safe system of work (SSOW) at work. If we look it more simply, it is what organizations must do to make sure that their worksite and or project base task do not cause harm to anyone (including, man, environment and the members of the society under the range of their activities being carried out). Often, QHSE is known as a quality, Health, Safety and Environmental, in more simple terms safety with - quality assurance & quality control.
Now if we look from a Safety point of view, it includes fabricating well-managed endeavor and procedures for identifying worksite hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful circumstances, substances and chemicals. It also includes training of employees and or workforce in accident prevention, accident response, emergency anticipations, and use of personal, protective equipment.
Good Health is the development of safe, secure, hazard-free, high quality, and environmentally favorable mechanisms, working methods and skills and systemic exercises that help to prevent or reduce the risk of harm to people in general, operators, or patients, visitors and other members of the society.
Thirdly, from an environmental viewpoint, it comprises generating an efficient approach to adhere to environmental regulations, such as better management of waste or air radiation, discharge or emission to helping worksites reduce the organization's carbon footprint.

How the QHSE Audit Inspection Closure Report could be accomplished?

The Quality Audit Inspection Closure Report is possibly conducted successfully only through regular and thorough Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) inspections and Organizations internal or external audits system/procedures where the Contractor appropriately appraise the level of management commitment, compliance with health safety and environmental (HSE) standards and internal procedures, safe work tasks, appropriate tools and equipment, safe system of work (SSOW), and safe work behavior of the personnel involved in this process.
The Contractor is conclusively responsible for the performance of required regular and irregular health, safety and environmental inspections, observations and internal or external audits. This field of responsibility includes inspection and auditing of all human and material resources and techniques, documentation procedures, records, and worksite activities or job areas. The Contractor and or client shall be answerable for establishing that all Subcontractors to the Contractor maintain and implement inspection, observations and audit programs which meet those of the Contractor, Consultant, and other stakeholders’.

The Frequency of Inspections & Documentation

All people and workforce employed by the Contractor and or client carry some level of answer-ability for managing see able health safety and environmental (HSE) inspections and observations. The employees shall always visually inspect tools, equipment, vehicles, and plant, machinery and construction materials before adaptation.  At a minimum, a visual inspection or observation must be enforced routinely or daily. Mostly, visual inspections or observations are not recorded or documented except inspection and or observation item requires important action be taken.
Visual quality health safety and environmental (QHSE) inspections include:
1.    Fall Protection System (full body harnesses, lanyards, anchorages, lifelines)
2.    Rigging Equipment Mechanism (slings, shackles, chains, ropes)
3.    Electrical Equipment and Appliances (spider boxes, extension cords, GFCI’s)
4.    Power Operated Tools (drills, saws, nail guns)
5.    Hand tools
6.    Personal protective equipment
7.    Ladders
8.    Generators
9.    Compressors 
10.  Guard railings, stair railings
11.  Barrier systems
For the accomplishment of QHSE audit system is expected that all Contractor or clients personnel will have a detector’s eye at all times during their daily routine. The workforce is urged to report all unsafe conditions and unsafe acts and circumstances which pose a critical enhanced risk to the employees or worksite as a group.
During the process of QHSE inspection closure report process, all defective, damaged, tools, equipment, machinery materials and substance identified through visual inspection should be taken out of service, properly tagged to reflect the fault. The damaged or faulty notification shall be made to the HSE experts or other supervisory staff to set up documentation and corrective action.
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QHSE Internal Audit Inspection Closure Report

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