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Risk Assessment for Pipe Threading Machine Use

General Safety

Before using any electrical tool or machinery, always read instructions in this manual completely and carefully provided by the manufacturer for your protection and prevention against serious electrical shocks or physical injuries.

Employee’s Safety

While operating or dealing with any electrical appliance or tool, keep the following points in your mind:
1-Stay alert and active, think what you are going to perform with the tool and always use common sense when operating a power tool, equipment and or machinery.
2-Never allow any of the technician or operator to operate the tool or machine when they are tired or under the influence of any lifesaving drugs or alcohol. If you will let these operations continue, the possibility of a serious incident is higher.
3-Always wear the most suitable recommended clothing and or compatible personal protective equipment and any type of unfit gloves, or loose clothing that can get caught in machine's moving parts and cause very serious injury.
4-Cover up or tie up long hair if you have or you are as the female operator or
5-Always wear safety goggles.
6-Protect hearing by using earmuffs or earplugs. If the machine is used daily or in an extremely noisy exposure area.
7-Provide complete safety induction and information.
8-Always use dust masks to protect your lungs when you carried out work in the dusty environment.
9-Train your workforce, technicians to keep their hands and face away from machine’s dies, cutters blades, or other moving parts of the tools.
10-Avoid accidental starting of the machinery or appliance. Always make sure that switch is in OFF position before plugging it to the power socket, because plugging in tools and or machinery in that have the switch in ON position always invites serious and severe accidents.
11-Train and or inform the operators to try to keep their hands away from rotating pipes and fittings. Stop the machine or tool before wiping pipes or screws.
12-Always allow the tools to come to a complete stop prior touching the pipes chucks. This type of protective practice will prevent serious injury and ill health circumstances.
13-Always before operating the service, tighten rear and front chucks and engage rear centering devices on the pipes before turning on the machines for reducing the severe possibility of risk of accidents.
14-Never try or practice to over-reach. Always Keep your/their proper footing positions and balance all times. Because proper footings enable better controls of the tools or appliance in unexpected situations and unwanted incidents.
15-Follow or adopt one rule strictly by unplugging power cord when not in use, before making any of the adjustments, changing of the accessories, and or storing the tools or equipment. Such type of prevention and protective actions and safety measures reduce risks of starting tools accidentally which may lead to fatal incidents

Threading Machine Safety Measures

1-The threading machines are made to thread and cut pipes and or bolt. Always follow instructions and manuals on the proper use of this machine provided as per the manufacturer’s directions.
2-Avoid its uses for another purpose rather than its real purpose of threading, such as drilling holes. Because it’s other purpose uses or modification may increase the risk of serious unwanted accidents.
3-Always secure the machine to stand where it is fixed or mounted. If pipes are too long, they must be given supports, because such preventive practice will prevent tipping.
4-Before the operation, remove hex keys and adjusting wrenches from the machine. And never force machines or will reduce the ratio of the incident.
5-Always keep well maintenance of the machine with great care. Because periodically regular checkups of lubrication and consumables will enhance its age and performance. And Replace cutting oil or dies when it is necessary to do so. Also regularly and carefully inspect extension cords and replace if required due to any its deterioration.
6-Always use the manufacturer's recommended accessories.
7-Never use machines in case switches are broken or switch does not function it ON or OFF. Any tool or appliance that cannot be controlled with the switch is always dangerous and must be repaired as soon as possible.
8-All damaged parts of the machine and alignment of moving parts before using machines must be double-checked. And if you observe or find damage to any part of the machine Repair or replace damaged parts by an authorized dealer or outsource competent technician to ensure proper and safe operation of the machine or appliance. Use only genuine parts.
9-Before, during or after service, always keep their handles dry and clean and free from oil and grease contamination for better control of the machine and or appliance.

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Risk Assessment for Treading Machine Use
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Risk Assessment for Pipe Threading Machine Use

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