Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Recognizing Unsafe Conditions at Worksite PowerPoint

The following are some key highlights taken from the original " Recognizing Unsafe Conditions at Worksite" Powerpoint Training toolbox talks uploaded by HSE Documents. To download more health and safety training Powerpoints, and keep on visiting the site regularly. 

Positive HSE Culture

A positive and healthy health and safety culture within the organization are always influential. To make the worksite free from hazardous elements/hazards by proper recognition and observation of unsafe conditions is not just a Safety Committee's responsibility. Still, all are accountable and must accept ownership. It is much needed and required from all the employees and employers to work mutually for the promotion of safety within their organization. 

Causes of Unsafe Conditions or Actions:

  1. Poor housekeeping.
  2. Horseplay
  3. Confused material storage
  4. Careless handling of materials
  5. Improper or defective tools.
  6. Lack of machine guarding

Guide for Discussion

Causes of Unsafe Conditions or Actions:

  1. Failure to install warning systems
  2. Lack of or failure to wear proper personal protection equipment
  3. Weather
  4. Worker not dressing for the job to be done
  5. Failure to follow instructions

Points to Remember

The following key point must remember when you recognize unsafe conditions in your scope of work:

A. Look for trouble (Unsafe condition)

B. Report it immediately

C. Act to prevent it from happening in future.

Recognizing Unsafe Conditions at Worksite PowerPoint

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Recognizing Unsafe Conditions at Worksite

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