Monday, July 11, 2022

HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit

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The following precautions are to be taken;

  1. Identify existing under & above utility services
  2. Proper Access / Exit is available for the work area.
  3. Daily housekeeping of the work area is completed on a priority basis.
  4. Vehicles' safe worthiness checked/filled all vehicles daily checklist before start.
  5. Excavated material kept away from the excavated edge or removed from the location.
  6. Ensure that flag man is available at vehicles movement area.
  7. Proper and compacted vehicle access is provided.
  8. Shoring/ sloping/ benching provided to the inside of soft/collapsible excavation area.
  9. Soft & Hard barricade provided around excavation area.
  10. Safety Sign board display at site / Excavation area.
  11. Warning (Barrication) tape/flashlight during night provided around the excavation.
  12. A competent Engineer / Supervisor in place.
  13. Ensure to use certified machinery.
  14. Ensure overall vision for machine operators.
  15. Ensure the operator is competent and has a valid driving license.
  16. If a ladder is placed securely.
  17. Ensure to provide HIRA/ Tool Box talk/ Job-specific training to all engaged workers.
  18. PPEs provide safety Helmets, Safety goggles, safety shoes, hand gloves, and a dust mask.
  19. If a ladder is placed securely.

Other Precautions Required:

I understand the precaution to be taken as described above and per project requirement & hereby confirm that work will be executed under my supervision by following all precaution & safety Rules.

B: Permit request by Area in Charge. 

C: Permit Authorized by Client/ Consultant representative Engineer, In-Charge.      

D: Permit Requestor requested for Extension / Closing 

I hereby declare that all persons under my charge have been Extended/withdrawn and all materials, tools, and other equipment have been removed. 

I have reviewed and verified that the Method statement & Risk Assessment (MSRA) is suitable. All necessary safety precautions about the hazards identified in the assessment have been taken.

E: Permit Authorized By - Acknowledge the Extension / Closing request Client/ Consultant representative Engineer In-Charge.

 HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit 

Download the File Here 👇

HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit



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