Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Scaffold Inspection Checklist

To download various free and editable HSE documents, visit our site at hsedocuments. Following are some of the main points taken from the Scaffold's checklist original file. and to download the editable word format file, click the download link given at the end of these points:

  • Are scaffolds components and planking (wooden & metals) in a safe condition for use and is plank standardized and graded for scaffold use?
  • Are the frame spacing and section size enough to carry the required loadings?
  • Have skilled/competent and well-qualified persons been in charge and accountable for erection?
  • Are sections appropriately placed and adequate size?  
  • Have screw jacks been used if required and to level and plumb scaffold instead of unstable/weak objects such as concrete blocks, loose bricks, etc.?
  • Are various components or parts such as base plates and/or screw jacks in firm contact with sills and frames? 
  • Is scaffold level and plumb securely and properly?
  • Are all scaffold legs braced and braces appropriately and strongly attached?
  • Are all guard railings adjusted on all open sides and ends? 
  • Has appropriate access been provided?
  • Has overhead protection or wire screening been provided where required and mandatory?
  • Has scaffold been tied securely to structure at least every 30 in length 26 in height? 
  • Have brackets and accessories been properly placed?
  • Is scaffold-free of devices, ladders or other tools to increase height?
  • Are working platforms completely planked between guardrails?  
  • Does plank have 6 inches to 12 inches overlap beyond supports?
  • Are toeboards installed properly and securely?  
  • Have hazardous conditions/environment for Power lines, Wind loading, Possible washout of footings, Uplift, and overturning moments due to placement of brackets, putlogs, or other causes been rectified and assessed?  
  • Have the personnel been instructed in the safe use of the equipment?

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Scaffolds Inspection Checklist

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