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PowerPoint for-Hazardous Energy Control/Lockout Tag-out (LOTO)

The following are some main highlights from the PowerPoint for-Hazardous Energy Control/Lockout Tag-out (LOTO)  original format:

What is the basic purpose of a hazardous energy control program?

Most of the machinery, equipment, or systems will have safety devices built in. These safety devices include barrier guards and safeguarding devices to help protect employees/workers during normal operations for such machinery, equipment. However, sometimes during maintenance or repairs, these devices may have to be removed or bypassed. In these circumstances and situations, a hazardous energy control program is needed.

A Hazardous Energy Control Program (HECP) is used to maintain worker safety by preventing the following:

  • Unintended release of stored energy.
  • Unintended start-up.
  • Unintended motion.
  • Contact with a hazard when guards are removed or safety devices have been bypassed or removed.

What must an energy-control procedure include?

  1. A statement on how to use the procedures.
  2. Procedural steps to shut down, isolate, block, and secure machines.
  3. Specific steps designating the safe placement, removal, and transfer of lockout/tag-out devices and identifying who has responsibility for the lockout/Tagout devices.
  4. Specific requirements for testing machines to determine and verify the effectiveness of lockout devices, tag-out devices, and other energy control measures.

What must EMPLOYEES/WORKERS do before they START service or maintenance activities?

  1. Prepare for shutdown
  2. Shut down the machine.
  3. Disconnect or isolate the MACHINE, EQUIPMENT, OR DEVICE from the energy source(s).
  4. Integrate or install the lockout or tag-out device(s) to the energy-isolating device(s)
  5. Release, detain or otherwise render safe all potentially hazardous stored or residual energy. 
  6. If a possibility exists for deaccumulation of hazardous energy, regularly verify during the service and maintenance that such energy has not reaccumulated to hazardous levels.

Lockout Process

  • De-energize machinery
  • Stop equipment using the normal procedure  
  • Isolate each source.
  • Each person must lockout each source of energy. 
  • The key(s) must be removed and secured in personal control.  
  • Verify isolation of each energy source
  • Return controls to “neutral”, “stop”, or “off” positions after the verification.
  • Perform the required work.


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PowerPoint for-Hazardous Energy Control/Lockout Tag-out (LOTO) 

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