Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Gulf car/Club Cart/buggy Driving Safety Instructions

1- Rules of the Road

  • Be a legal age and fully trained to drive a gulf car.
  • Always drive on assigned, designated & approved marked roadside lanes and areas.
  • Always obey all implemented local traffic laws, signs and signals.
  • Yield to Automobiles.
  • Come to full Stop at stop Signs.
  • Follow the Road signs as per{facility/project}.

2-Safety Tips

  • Keep arms and legs inside the gulf car/Club Cart/buggy.
  • Secure your equipment, material or substances while driving the gulf car/club cart/buggy.
  • Enter traffic lane safely before turning left while driving the gulf car/club cart/buggy
  • Be aware of vehicles turning right.
  • Maintain gulf car/club cart/buggy according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not use mobile while driving any of the vehicle/club car, etc.
  • Limit passing slower gulf cars.
  • Pull off the path when you need to stop the gulf car/club cart/buggy.

3- Before You Drive

  • Make sure horn, brakes, and lights work properly before driving the gulf car/club cart/buggy.
  • While driving the gulf car/club cart/buggy, always check, tire pressure, and applicable gauges, and battery charging Status.
  • Before backing up/reversing the gulf car/club cart/buggy, look behind and see that all is clear.
  • If you have any the gulf car/club cart/buggy maintenance issue, please contact the transport department’s maintenance manager/HSE Personnel immediately and don’t operate the club/buggy car.
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