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Removal and Replacement of Roof Tiles Risk Assessment

Following are the key notes for the preparation of risk assessment  for the removal and replacement of roof tiles, timbers etc. to download editable word format file, just click on the link given at the end of this post. Further to download various health, safety and environmental documents, keep visiting our blog regularly:

Removal and Replacement of Roof Tiles

What are the Hazards:

  • Falling Materials/persons.
  • The collapse of temporary Structure.
  • Manual handling.
  • Contact with pigeons/ droppings.
  • Contact with Mobile Plant.
  • Use of Power Tools.
  • Lack of awareness of risk by staff.
  • Verbal abuse or assault.
  • Extremes of weather.

Who might be Harmed and How?

  • Roof operation & workforce, public, visitors struck by falling materials or flying objects. 
  • Agronomical disorders due to Manual handling e.g., back pain injuries if the staff try to lift objects that are heavy/awkward to handle. Improper and Incorrect lifting techniques may cause muscular injuries.
  • Due to water splashes, ingested water etc., staff is possible at risk of infection and illness. 
  • Roof operatives and other technical staff struck by moving vehicles.
  • Roof operation & workforce may be struck badly by trash from abrasive cutting--dust, noise, eye/hand injuries.
  • Roof operatives and other technical staff are at risk if they are not aware of the risks on site and how those risks are controlled.
  • Roof operatives and other technical staff may suffer verbal abuse, from members of the public and others, particularly if working in quiet or remote areas.
  • Roof operatives and other technical staff working externally may suffer discomfort & ill health from exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Control Measures

  • A scaffold shall only be erected, dismantled or altered, by fully trained scaffolders.
  • The method of erection and dismantling shall be strictly followed.
  • Brick guards shall be fixed appropriately if there is a risk of materials falling between the toe-board and guardrails.
  • Be aware of adverse weather conditions.
  • Check base is adequate or to design.
  • Handover certificate shall be provided by the scaffolders on completion of their work and before use.
  • Routine & random Inspections shall be conducted at intervals no greater than 7 days and the results shall be recorded.
  • Barriers/notices to prevent unauthorized access.
  • All Un-accomplished working platforms shall be tagged properly “DO NOT USE” and are not to be accessed or loaded out.
  • Roof operatives and other technical staff to be trained essentially in the correct method or removal.
  • To avoid Agronomical disorders, updated lifting devices to be used where possible (Hydraulically operated).
  • Materials to be delivered by the mechanically operated lifting devices to work face to reduce manual handling.
  • All staff to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as rubber gloves, disposable or waterproof coveralls, Wellington boots, eye and/or face protection, respirator etc.
  • Staff to make sure good personal hygiene, washing with hot water. 
  • Pedestrians and mobile plant are to be segregated on-site by barriers and designated traffic routes.
  • The speed limit of 5 mph whilst on-site for all traffic.
  • All reversing vehicles to be under the stewardship of trained banks man.
  • When cutting materials eye protection must be worn.
  • Where possible all items will be pre-cut.
  • When making cuts operator wear a full-face mask and eye protection.
  • Noise from others above 1st and 2nd.
  • Action levels exceed 80dBA and 85 dBA then ear protection must be worn to avoid any hearing damages.
  • Care will be taken to ensure that the risk from ricochets or projectiles passing through materials is minimized by limiting work done with these tools and the presence of others in the immediate vicinity. The workplace supervisor will make specific arrangements for the issue, storage and use of these tools and their cartridges, including the safe locked storage of cartridges and the return of misfires. The selection of cartridges suitable for the task will be monitored by workplace supervision. Secure storage.
  • Risk assessment discussed with all staff and a copy held within the project older on site. 
  • Staff report all instances of abuse.
  • Proper and essential recommended Personal protective equipment (PPE) provided for staff. 

Download File

Removal and Replacement of Roof Tiles Risk Assessment 


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