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Pump Overhaul in Confined Space

 Client Responsibilities:

Confirm that the following are in place to avoid latency and consequential extra costs:

  1. Confirm your workplace contact numbers will be available on agreed date/time of works.
  2. Mandatory - Supply a copy of the work site asbestos register.
  3.  confirm that all [Organization/Company-Facility] work areas can be considered as safe and free from Asbestos Maintains Materials (ACM’s). 
  4. Confirm availability of workplace First Aid Trained personnel to assist [Organization/Company-Facility] in an emergency.
  5. Provision of 110V or 240v power supply adjacent or within 10 meters of the working area.
  6. Provide appropriate parking at least for two vehicles.
  7. Provide all access/keys that are required.
  8. Provide all essential Permits to Work (PTW) including Confined space. 
  9. Provide any such induction as is required and details of site-specific health & safety, access & egress, emergency etc. rules/equipment, fire exits and or assembly points and location of first aid facilities.
  10. Allocation of proper and essential work-site welfare facilities. 
  11. Isolation of electrical supply to pump and establish “dead” status if not already isolated. 
  12. Provide guidance and escort for the duration of works to required works locations.

Important Emergency Contact Numbers for use in the event of an emergency on the worksite at any time outside of normal duty hours.

Medical Emergency Helpline:


Project Site Manager:


Project Engineer/Supervisor:


Health and Safety Engineer/Representative:


Appropriate PPE Summary 

Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements will consist of Construction Safety Equipment (CSE) e.g., Safety Footwear (boots or shoes), high visibility vest or jacket with the addition of:

PPE Checklist


Gloves to EN:388

Whilst handling tools and working within the sump 


Whilst working within the sump

Safety goggles or glasses

Whilst working within the sump and drilling 

Safety headgear

Whilst inside the sump 

CSE Equipment

At all times when entering the sump

All site personnel are responsible for their PPE with adherence to the Health and

Safety at work act 1974.

Scope of work:

To overhaul the pump.


Workplace location is the effluent sump.

Materials and or substances to be kept at the workplace for the duration of works will be safely stored as directed by organization’s Technical Facilities Management personnel, ensuring no access/egress or other route is obstructed.

Sequence of Work

  • Report to Another Limited representative and obtain all necessary work permit Systems.
  • Develop workplace induction if new to worksite & get/obtain details of particular and related to access/egress, emergency etc. rules with emphasis to fire exits and assembly points areas.         
  • Create suitable and appropriate signage as required around workplace location.
  • Transport tools, equipment & materials in the work area and commence use of PPE per Risk Assessment including all Confined Space Equipment.
  • Make proceedings as per Confined Space procedures ensuring top man situated outside of sump, the second and third man attached to the winch with second man handling tools, equipment, third man entry into the sump pit.
  • Make proper organization for lifting equipment including a block and tackle to remove pumps.
  • Operate pump manually to drop level in the sump.
  • Lift the faulty pump using a block and tackle and remove for maintenance.
  • Observe and monitor 4x floats as the fault is on the level control and replace the floats if faulty.
  • Remove the block and tackle to a safe area to prevent an obstruction when the third man entering the pit.
  • The third man to enter pit via the attached access ladder (an additional ladder may be required if the electrics cannot be reached.
  • Replace the terminal box if faulty.
  • Second man to pass tools to the third man as and when required to then.
  • Make Service for the pump that runs and leave running in auto if possible.
  • The third man to climb back to a ground-level ensuring CSE equipment is still in use.   
  • Second man to remove from the winch.
  • Remove tools, redundant/surplus equipment & materials from the site and leave in a clean & tidy condition.  
  • Report to Limited representative upon accomplishment and leave the workplace.

PPE/Tools / Equipment / Materials

  1. The minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirement for all work will be Occupational Safety Footwear hard shoes, high visibility vest or jacket with additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consist or in compliance with Gloves to EN388 Abrasion, Blade Cut, Tear and Puncture, Overalls Safety headgear for example hard helmet or bump cap) Safety goggles or glasses to BS EN 166 1B349 CE2 (particulate) and CSE Equipment.
  2. Tools will be standard engineering hand tools 110V corded power drills or DC powered cordless tools with transformer, leads, associated plugs and sockets.
  3. All portable electrical equipment, devices o machinery will be under 12 months’ appropriate test.
  4. Equipment will consist of “A” Frame Lifting Gantry 1000 Kilograms capacity, block and tackle, Aluminium access ladder

Training / Competence

  • Confined Space Entry Procedure
  • First Aid – Nominated Personal
  • Electrical Engineering level 2
  •  (ACM’s) Asbestos Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Slips, Trips and Falls

Emergency Procedures

  • Company personnel will familiarize with site emergency procedures upon reporting
  • First Aid equipment will be carried by the company at all times. 
  • Any accident or incident and or near-miss will be notified immediately to the Main Contractor’s representative  
  • The company worksite Supervisor will be accountable for the Health and Safety of all company staff whilst they are executing these works
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