Thursday, December 17, 2020

Checklist for ARC Welding Machine

Following are main and basic essential points while you are working with ARC metal welding machine. you can download good quality Checklist for ARC Welding Machine in word format just by clicking the link given at the end of these points for free:

  1. Are only competent, authorized, a trained and skilled technician is permitted to use such welding machine/equipment?
  2. Have all combustible materials/substances and flammable liquids and gases been removed from welding areas?
  3. Are welding and cutting cables completely insulated, good condition and free from any damage?
  4. Are fuel gas and oxygen hoses easily imperceptible, in good condition and free from any damage
  5. Is appropriate mechanical ventilation system provided at welding, cutting or heating locations when essential?
  6. Is proper and essential Eye Protective Equipment provided and used where required?
  7. Are painting service, activities, and the application of adhesives remote from welding and cutting operations? 
  8. Is fire watcher is appointed during the welding operation?
  9. Are arc welding and cutting operations protected by noncombustible or flameproof shields to protect employees from direct arc rays’ hazardous effects?
  10. Are only competent, authorized, a trained and skilled technician is permitted to use such welding machine/equipment?
  11. ON / OFF lever/button is provided (Inspect for damage and uninsulated lever).
  12. Controlling device (regulator with indicator) is provided.
  13. Arc welding cables connected to the welding machine with lugs at the joints.
  14. No destruction/critical damage in the insulation of welding cables/wires.
  15. Electrode rod holder and earthing holder are without any critical damage.
  16. No internal live electrical components of the welding machine are exposed.
  17. Trolley without damaged (wheels, pulling handles, etc.)
  18. Fire protection mechanism (Fire extinguisher and fire bucket with sand) are availability.
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