Friday, November 27, 2020

The Importance of Safety Signs and their Color Codes

Implementing each and every organization’s successful and positive workplace health and safety policies often depends on severe reading, instruction and learning on the part of employees, with the most dangerous professions requiring critical internal & external training programmes before the work can be accomplished safely. In this situation, the influence of health and safety signs lies in their capability to communicate the most integral and vital HSE messages in a way that’s visual, catchy, immediate and precisely targeted.

Health and Safety signs feature apparently pictographic illustrations of the hazard they’re pin pointing, followed by clear, simple text instructions, attractive, colorful and an eye-catching visual design. They are also appropriately colour-coded and shaped significantly to make it noticeable & access able at a glance when a worker is entering a high-risk area, or when there are actions, they require to take in order to make sure the safety of themselves, and other members of the society.

Generally, Health and Safety signs are not intended as a replacement for comprehensive safety training, but they are an integral portion in HSE policy, providing clear reminders of the most critical health and safety messages in the places they are most required. In most dangerous and high-risk workplaces where many staff members are from various nationalities and having difficulties in communication and may not speak English as a first language - or where the working environment is loud enough that verbal warnings might be missed - the importance of clear visual communication of this kind cannot be underestimated.

The Health and Safety Signs have the following importance if we look it in short:

  1. Instant visual communication of key safety messages
  2. Highlighting safe methods of work as well as hazards
  3. Legal requirements
  4. Protecting employees and the public alike
  5. Better safety benefits everyone

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