Monday, November 23, 2020

Job Safety Analysis to Run AC Unit & Generator

Basic Steps

  1. Mobilization of AC unit &* Generator 
  2. Grounding & bonding
  3. To run an AC unit and Generator 

Potential Hazards

  1. Risk of severe fatal injury to vehicle or Pedestrian traffic.
  2. Statistics of Electricity
  3. Fire.
  4. Presence of Hydrocarbon in the area.

Recommendations and Control Measures

  1. Mobilization of tower light should be protected & moved into place.
  2. All equipment is used to be applied with earthing/bounding (grounded) by a competent person.
  3. Equipment must be properly grounded. Keep charged fire extinguisher nearby. Follow the instruction of Permit issuer.
  4. Gas Test as part of the permit to work (PTW), Cover the drains with fire blankets.


  • Driver
  • Work crew 
  • Work Supervisor
  • Workers

Instructions for Completing the JSA Form 

Job Safety Analysis is an essential incident prevention tool that is utilized by finding hazards and eliminating or minimizing them before the job is performed, and before they have a chance to become accidents. Use Job Safety Analysis for job scope, clarification, hazard awareness acknowledgement, as a guiding note in new worker’s HSE training & induction, for the specific duration of contacts and retraining of senior workers, as a refresher on jobs which run occasionally, as an incident investigation tool, and for informing employees of specific job hazards and protective measures.

Set priorities for doing Job Safety Analysis JSA’s: jobs tasks that have a history of many minor or fatal accidents, jobs that have caused disabling fatal injuries, jobs with the high potential ratio for disabling injury of death, and new jobs with no accident history.

Select a job to be analyzed. Before filling out this form, consider the following:

The Purpose of the Job-Activity Include:

  • What has to be done? 
  • Who has to do it? 

The Activities Involved: 

  • How is it done? 
  • When is it done? 
  • Where is it done?

In short, to accomplish this Job Safety Analysis form you should consider the purpose of the job, the activities it involves in that job, and the hazards its presents. If you are not familiar with that particular job, interview a worker who is. Besides, observing a worker’s performing the job, or “walking through” the operation step may give extra penetration into potential hazards. Here’s how to do each of the three parts of Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

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Job Safety Analysis to Run AC Unit.

Job Safety Analysis to Run AC Unit Text.

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