Monday, November 2, 2020

First Aid and Emergency Situation Knowledge

 First Aid Information Need to Remember:

  1. Blood available inside body: if 75 kg weight then multiply by 
  2. 75ml X 75 kg= 5.625
  3. Formula= 1 kg x 75 ml
  4. Per day 6 lacks death at work in the world
  5. Ambulance shall reach within 7 minutes
  6. First aid shall provide within 3 minutes
  7. Within 10 minutes can save lives in heart attack
  8. Brain dead within 7 minutes due to o2 not supply
  9. 112 is international emergency no. Can call even no balance, if phone is lock use emergency switch which display down side
  10. Left sleep for recovery of injured person
  11. Right side sleep is good as recommended
  12. Epiglottis call entry of food and air at throat
  13. Under 12 age first give breath then CPR
  14. AMP generated by AED to body
  15. AED clip adult 1st chest and 2nd belly front, child 1st front and 2nd back side
  16. 800424 call in U.A.E. If drugs or poison case such as snake bites.

What is A Spark Arrester? 

SA-is any device which prevents the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources, such as internal combustion engines, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves. 

Chalwyn Valve: 

  • A shut down valve is an actuated valve developed to stop the flow of a hazardous fluid, chemicals or substances upon the detection of a dangerous event.
  • Shutdown Valve can be connected to a diesel engine air intake system. The valve is developed to safely shutdown the engine in the situation of outer gas or vapor being drawn into the engine.
  • Used zone 1 area front of diesel entrance in vehicle or any diesel tanker, color yellow which block the source when found any unsafe condition

Definition - What Does Muster Point mean?

  • A Muster Point (MP) is a designated area where all workers, visitors, passengers, or a large gathering of general public in case of an emergency situation in an installation, building, public place or a watercraft. 
  • Shall position a distance equal to twice the height of the building. So, if a two storey building is approx. 8-meters high, the Assembly Point (AP) must be 16 meters away from the building.
  • OSHA Standard: 50 feet (15.240m) from the building (ADNOC 50 meters) and Rest shelter shall be 50 meters.

Points to Remember: 

  1. JSEA:  Job Safety Environmental Analysis
  2. CMMS: Computerized maintenance management system 
  3. PFD:  Penticton Fire Department
  4. ENVID: Environmental Impact Identification. Suggest new definition. This definition seems to be very unique and is found in the below mentioned Acronym Finder categories: e.g. Science, medicine, engineering, etc.
  5. OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration; 
  6. SDS: Safety Data Sheet.
  7. MTI:  Medically Treated Incident. 
  8. COMAH: Control of Major Accident Hazards
  9. Danger:  This Term means exposure to loss of (People, Plant, Property)
  10. HAZOP: the term HAZOP means to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment.

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First Aid and Emergency Situation Knowledge 

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