Monday, September 21, 2020

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)-for Civil Works for the Construction, Working in Confined Space

Civil Works for the Construction, Working in Confined Space.

A-Potential Hazards

  1. Vehicles/equipment striking/hit with Structure/live lines
  2. Work in the live area
  3. Unaware of the hazards of live areas
  4. Traffic movement on authorized routes at plan site
  5. Damaged to underground utilities (Drains, Culverts, electrical cable, pipelines etc.)
  6. Mishandling with live instruments/valves
  7. Movement of people in unauthorized areas
  8. Fumes of Hydrocarbons in live areas
  9. Flammable, toxic gases
  10. Fire/explosion 
  11. Slip, trip & fall

B-Hazard Control Measures 

  • Obtain relevant permit to work (PTW) before commencing of any work
  • Ensure vehicles/equipment movement only on designated/defined routes
  • Be highly careful while crossing over the culverts/drains
  • Avoid sharp turnings of vehicles
  • Banks man should be at the site while the movement of vehicles/equipment
  • Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s 
  • Ensure close safety supervision of all work
  • Deliver TBT & awareness to all of the workforces about area/activity hazards
  • Do not mishandle or operate any of live equipment/valve in the area
  • Unauthorized movement of workers to be restricted in live areas
  • Gas test to be performed in live areas
  • Remove any of combustible material from the site
  • Don’t switch off engine once started to avoid sparking from battery terminals 
  • Maintain good housekeeping at site
  • Don did not leave any vehicle/equipment/tool un attendant in running condition

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