Wednesday, September 9, 2020

General Worksite Environment Inspection Checklist

The following general worksite environment checklist can be used to identify and evaluate hazards in your worksite. This inspection checklist highlights a wide variety of worksite safety and health and environmental hazards. All of the topics covered in this general worksite environmental checklist may not apply to your specific workplace. 

  1. Are all worksites places clean and managed properly?
  2. Are all work surfaces kept dry or appropriate means taken to make sure the surfaces are slip-resistant?
  3. Are all spilled materials, substances or liquids cleaned up appropriately and immediately?
  4. Is combustible scrap, debris and waste stored safely, securely and removed from the site promptly?
  5. Is accumulated combustible dust frequently removed from elevated surfaces, including the overhead structure of buildings/facilities?
  6. Is combustible dust cleaned up with a vacuum system to avoid the dust going into suspension?
  7. Is metallic or conductive dust prevented from entering or accumulation on or around electrical enclosures, tools machinery or equipment?
  8. Are covered metal waste cans utilized for oily and paint-contaminated waste?
  9. Are all oil and gas fired devices equipped with flame failure controls that will prevent flow of fuel if pilots or main burners are not working properly?
  10. Are paint spray booths, dip tanks and the like cleaned frequently?
  11. Are the minimum required number of toilets, urinary and washing facilities provided?
  12. Are all toilets, urinary and washing facilities clean, tidy and sanitary?
  13. Are all work areas appropriately illuminated?
  14. Are pits and floor openings covered or otherwise guarded securely?
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General Worksite Environment Inspection Checklist

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