Thursday, August 27, 2020

Technical Employee Evaluation Format

1. Ability to perform the assigned job  

Does the employee have the skills to effectively handle the responsibilities?              

Does the employee have the knowledge of the system(s) being installed and how it works?  

How would you rate the quantity of work during a given period of time?                       

2. Accuracy in performing the required job

The employee's work is neat, accurate & thorough                                                       

The employee quickly understands concepts / topics                                    

3. Attendance & Attitude: Keeps lowest level of absenteeism  

Maintain low level of absenteeism and is punctual                                                       

Maintain proper appearance and wearing uniform at all times                                   

Maintain personal hygiene                                                                                                

4. The extent of self-development in work                                         

Is the employee self-motivated?                                                                        

Does the employee exercise independence in action?                                                  

To what extent is the employee fulfilling his duty     

5. Cooperation with direct responsible and colleagues                    

The Degree of willingness the employee exhibits when cooperating with direct supervisor or 

The degree of supervision the employee requires in accomplishing tasks         

6. Abiding by company rules & general safety rules      

Does the employee follow safety instructions?                                                                

Does the employee follow safety instructions and wear PPE when working at site?      

7. Instruction

Write on the designated box the rate for each criteria and average is equivalent to percentage given on each criteria.   

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Technical Employee Evaluation Format

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