Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hazardous Substances-Health Surveillance Checklist

The following questions will be added in the checklist to prepare and use the hazardous substance Health Surveillance Checklist mechanism:

  1. Has the workplace assessment according to the Regulations identified that worker health surveillance is not required?  If the answer is yes, record this decision and do not proceed further.
  2. If the answer to question 1 is No, has a specific worker health surveillance policy been developed?
  3. Have workers exposed to hazardous substances, processes or situations that are required to undergo health surveillance been identified and notified?
  4. Have sufficient resources (including budget) been allocated to allow health surveillance to be conducted properly?
  5. Is a suitable registered medical practitioner conducting health surveillance?
  6. Has the nature of worker health surveillance been determined?
  7. Are procedures in place to allow the recommendations stemming from health surveillance to be implemented?
  8. Are procedures in place for the recording of worker health surveillance?
  9. Is the health surveillance program subject to regular review?
  10. Are the results of their health surveillance provided to workers?

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