Friday, May 1, 2020

Risk Assessment for Working on or Near Oil and Gas Facilities


The most hazardous and sensitive work activities and services from searching to exploration and from exploration to processing, production and manufacturing is the oil and gas sector. This field of work is highly dangerous and required both security and safety on equal bases. And if there is a minor collapse from one of the categories (security and or safety), the consequences are very fatal and could turn into the greatest human tragedy. We can benchmark to this kind of occurrence from our near or far past, and then will come on the conclusion that how could such safety or security lapse be dangerous and could lead to financial, human or reputation losses.

A host of Health and Safety Challenges.

Although health and safety is the top priority on every field of work, the oil and gas sector and field works are the most dangerous and notorious genre of the working sites. In this field of work, on every step, both security and safety play a vital role to get things better safely and securely. That is why many companies are selected and given the exploration and production responsibilities which give a top priority to health and safety. They are given proper guidance, written documented procedures, and the appointment of the competent and experienced workforce to do things in a better and safe way.

Potential Situations

Several exploration and production establishments specific to the oil and gas fields are asked to take extra and more convenient steps for health and safety to cope with any minor or near-miss situations. Because, if we as employer or contractor sometimes make a big safety collapse in general worksites, it maybe not as much dangerous a critical and leads to divesting destruction as if we make even a minor mistake, and that minor mistake could turn into a major uncontrolled incident.

Hazards to Humans.

The working in oil and gas fields is also very hazardous and releases the toxic fumes. One of the most important and integral part of the risk assessment is an analysis of the potential critical hazards and effects on the workers those are directly working at the site, as well as the general public in any surrounding areas. Moreover, such type of work activities have potential health and safety consequences that could make more damages to human and could human in various acute and chronic disease. This type of oil and gas related ill health consequences could only be reduced when all HSE measures are followed and are in place.

Impact on the Environment

Working on or near the oil and gas facilities are even risk to humans is low, but on the contrary side, its impact on the environment could turn into a huge. Such type of environmental impacts could be more threatening to the animal, nature and the ecosystem of the entire world. Its great example is now due to COVID-19 pandemic all over the world lock down and less usage of oil and gas products if we know how this oil and gas is polluting our environment. Due to less use and activities of fuels and gas, the Ozone layer is now auto correcting itself.

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