Thursday, May 28, 2020

How to Improve Safety with Pre-Checks and Checklists-Forklift Trucks

The forklifts vehicles are many valuable machines in the workplace when properly maintained. They can give us years of productive and safe service. If a forklift is not appropriately maintained, it can be a liability worse than that it can even be a danger. If you have a forklift on your premises or worksite, then you have several responsibilities under the law:
  1. Firstly you have to service the forklift regularly.
  2. Always keep it in a safe condition and prevents it from arising problems.
  3. The forklift must be inspected once a year by a competent person.
  4. You must keep your test certificates with you to keep the record for the next checkups.
  5. When you conduct your regular checks on your forklift, you must have a proper system which makes sure that any problems those identified are put right as soon as possible.
  6. You have to make sure that whoever you operating the forklift has/have been trained to do so.
  7. The operators must have the proper information and they must be trained in carrying out the daily pre-checks that are essential to the safe and efficient running of the forklift.
Perhaps the most important element in the safe maintenance of the forklift is the daily pre-check and the pre-checklists carried out by the forklift operator routinely. These checks are essential to highlight any faults that may affect the safe operation of the forklift. It should be the forklift operator that carries out the pre-checks & pre-checklists inspections and observations. Sometimes more than one person will operate the forklift during the day so it's important to assign the duty of pre-checking to a specific person. While operating a forklift vehicle, a high-visibility jacket or vest to be worn. When to conduct a pre-check list inspection, the forklift should be carried out in the quiet and separate area, as you can be aware of other vehicles and the others must be able to see you that you are inspecting the forklift by using the checklist.
Always inspect and observe in the same direction so that you don't miss anything from the check. The forks, carriage plate, mast, and lift chain are all fitted correctly and free from dirt or obstructions. Then move on to the wheels and tires and check if there are any bulges cracks or tears, how's the thread. Check the energy source whether that is gas diesel or electricity. After that check, the hydraulics functioning properly or needs some maintenance. The body of the forklift is in good condition and free from any damage and also make sure that body panels are secure and not likely to fall off if there are number plates on your forklift. Also make sure that they are fitted in the correct position, and are clean and easily visible.
As being an operator, if you drive your forklift on the public road, make sure:
  • The forklift has tax and insurance
  • Disks in place and make sure they are in date
  • The steps and access areas are clean, secure and free from obstructions.
  • The vehicle seat is secure?
  • Is the driving position is comfortable and safe and can you reach all the controls easily, and can you see all around the vehicle.
  • Is there anything that could obscure your vision?
  • Is there anything loose in the cab that might affect the pedals or the brakes?
  • Are the lights, windscreen and mirrors are fitted well.
  • Are the instruments and gauges show or indicate any warning lights, if yes then immediately note and report any warning lights
  • Don't ignore indicator warning systems during a checkup, all must be in working condition before you drive away.
  • Check the steering and brakes operator pre-checks of your forklift, although all these are required by law, more than that they will keep your forklift working productively and safely over its lifetime.
  • All discussed above will help and guide you to the proper system of checks and maintenance on your forklift, and will protect and safeguard your operator and also those work around them.

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