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HSE Documents-Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.

Safe Work Practice 


  1. The erection and dismantling of scaffolds should be completed under the supervision of a competent employee who's informed and experienced in such operations.
  2. Workers erecting and dismantling a scaffold more than 2.4 meters (Eight ft.) high need to be tied off with a full frame harness and lanyard equipped with a shock absorber.
  3. Scaffolds need to be erected with all braces, pins, screw jacks, base plates, and other fittings established, as required by the manufacturer.
  4. Scaffolds ought to be thoroughly braced horizontally and vertically.
  5. Scaffolds need to be equipped with guardrails along with a top rail, mid-rail, and toe board.
  6. Scaffold platforms need to be at least forty-six centimetres (18 inches) wide and if they may be over 2.4 meters (Eight ft.) excessive they have to be planked throughout their full width.
  7. Scaffolds ought to be tied into construction at vertical durations no longer exceeding three times the least lateral dimension, inclusive of the dimension of any outrigger stabilizing devices.
  8. Where scaffolds cannot be tied into a building, man lines safely secured should be used to offer stability.
  9. Scaffold frames must be well pinned together in which scaffolds are frames or more on top or wherein they're used as rolling scaffold towers.
  10. Scaffolds need to be erected, used, and maintained in a reasonably plumb situation.
  11. Scaffold planks ought to be securely fixed to prevent them from sliding.
  12. Scaffold planks should be set up so that they overhang through at least 15 centimetres (6 inches) however no more than 30 centimetres (12 inches).
  13. Scaffold planks ought to be: of top quality, free of defects, inclusive of unfastened knots, splits or rot, hard sawn, measuring 48mm X 248mm (1 7/8 " X 9-3/4") in move segment, and No. 1 spruce or better.
  14. Scaffolds should be ready with the right ladder to get the right of entry. Vertical ladders ought to be prepared with 15 centimetres (6 inches) stand-off brackets and a ladder climbing fall protection device or safety cage whilst they're greater than three meters (10 feet) high.
  15. Frame scaffolds over 15 meters (50 feet) high and tube-and-clamp scaffolds over 10 meters (30 feet) excessive should be designed by using an expert engineer and constructed following the design.
  16. Remove ice, snow, oil, grease, and different slippery fabric from the platform, and apply sand to the floor.
  17. Wheels or casters on rolling scaffolds must be ready with braking devices and securely pinned to the scaffold frame.

Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.

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HSE Documents-Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.👈



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