Thursday, May 19, 2022

MEP and Installation Work on Roofs Toolbox Talks

Working on Roofs carries a high risk of accidents unless proper procedures are followed and precautions are taken. Before carrying out any MEP & installation work on any type of roof you should know the rules set out as mentioned and follow them essentially:-

  1. For work on a roof, risk assessments must be done to determine guardrail and toe board requirements.
  2. For work on a sloping roof with a pitch of more than 30 degrees (or less than 30 degrees, if it is slippery) crawling ladders or crawling boards must be provided and used.
  3. There may be circumstances where the use of a safety harness is the only safe way of working. Such a decision will be made by management, and you must use the safety harness in the conditions specified.
  4. All openings in roofs must be securely covered or suitably guarded by guardrails and toe boards. Any cover provided should either be securely fixed in position or marked to indicate its purpose, for example: "Do not remove the cover-hole below". Annually; serious and fatal accidents happen when someone lifts a board and then walks down the hole it was covering.
  5. Access provided to the roof must be checked before use to see that it is safe and sufficient.
  6. Beware of fragile roofs,  If in doubt see your supervisor.

MEP and Installation Work on Roofs Toolbox Talks 

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