Wednesday, February 23, 2022

February 23, 2022


To download various free and editable, ready-to-use HSE documents, visit our site at Following are some of the main points taken from the FIRE PUMP INSPECTION's checklist original file. and to download the editable word format file, click the download link given at the end of these points:

Fire pumps are an integral part of various water-based fire protection systems. The right design. installation. The acceptance testing of this pump will help ensure that they are ready to protect the building on the day of the acceptance test. After those keys are handed over to the building owner. there is no guarantee that the pump will remain in a ready state to work as designed unless undergoes routine inspection testing and maintenance. This checklist of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems covers just one aspect of an inspection testing and maintenance program in weekly inspections. 

For more information on fire pumps and others, kindly visit the NFPA products and solutions web portals.

A- Pump House

  1. Heat in pump room is 40-°F (4 °C) or higher
  2. Ventilation louvres are free to operate
  3. A coupling guard is in place
  4. Heat in pump room is not less than 70°F (21°C) for diesel engine pump without engine heater

B- Pump Systems

  1. Pump suction discharge and bypass valves are open appropriately.
  2. No piping or hoses leaks
  3. Fire pump leaking a single drop of water per second at seals
  4. Suction line pressure is within an acceptable range
  5. System line pressure is within an acceptable range
  6. The suction reservoir is full
  7. Wet pit suction screens ate unobstructed and in place

C- Electrical Systems

  1. The Controller Pilot light (Power on) is illuminated accordingly.
  2. Transfer switch normal power light is illuminated
  3. Isolating switch for standby power is closed
  4. The reverse-phase alarm light is not illuminated
  5. Normal Phase rotation light is illuminated
  6. Oil level in the vertical motor sight glass is within an acceptable range
  7. The pressure maintenance (jockey) pump has power.

D- Diesel Engine Systems

  1. The diesel fuel tank is at least two thirds full
  2. The controller selector switch is in the auto position
  3. voltage readings or batteries (2) are within an acceptable range
  4. Charging current readings are within the acceptable range for batteries