Thursday, November 19, 2020

Body Harness Basic Information

The following are some important and basic information for the safe use of Full body Harness:

  1. Lanyard shock absorber fall arresting reduced 65 – 80% max arresting force 1800 pounds
  2. Lanyard length of 1.8 meters (6 feet). Día less than 3/8’’
  3. Shock absorber change 5000 lbs. (2270 kg) when a man falls his weight + speed = 5000 LBS then shock absorber open and changed 5000 LBS to man weight
  4. ABCD: Anchorage, Bodywear, Connector, Declaration device (shock absorber)
  5. PEAS: Personal fall arrest system
  6. Fall protection: Which protect from falling hazards

Clearance From the Ground:

  1. Lanyard length 2 meter
  2. Declaration distance 1.75-meter max (Shock Absorber)
  3. Height of worker 2 meter
  4. Safety factor 1 meter
  5. Total required 6.75 meters from the ground

Knowledge Point:

  1. Size of safety net/mesh opening 36/sqm(230cm) not be longer than 6 inches 915cm) of any side. Centre to centre should be 6 inches only.
  2. 130 lbs min required worker weight to use fall protection. Shock absorber allows a worker to use fall protection.  It’s called small also.
  3. Oil and gas medium weight capacity is 330 lbs.
  4. Limit arresting force 1800 pounds 6’ or free from the ground.
  5. Body harness holding time 5 to 15 minutes only.
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