Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Safety & Health Suggestion Form

To help the organisation/company achieve a healthier and safer work environment, use this form to report suggestions for improving the occupational health and safety of your work environment.  This suggestion form can be used to report unsafe acts & unsafe conditions, to suggest innovative HSE ideas for performing tasks/activities safer, or to report safety hazards.  By simply adding your name, staff can find clarifying information about your suggestion, and you will receive a response to your suggestion.

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Safety & Health Suggestion Form

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James Maher said...

Recently I had occasion to attend St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin and found its "old Peoples' Dept very helpful. Yesterday, in Charter Hospital in Mullingar there was a Rapid Access Clinic Reception, "Care for the older person". I asked the receptionist there is such old peoples' facilities were coordinated throughout Ireland but she seemed to conclude that they weren't!!!
I suggest that they should be.
James Maher (78)