Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Transit Mixer Inspection Checklist

To prepare checklist for the Transit Mixer inspection, following are some main points:

  1. The transit mixer should be physically in good condition.
  2. No damage in the tire (Bolts, crack, cut & air pressure, etc.
  3. The registration number should be written.
  4. Head & tall light and Judicators are in working condition.
  5. The side mirror should be in good condition.
  6. Winds shield/glass should be in prop01condl1on.
  7. The wiper should be in running condition.
  8. Red triangle/reflective tape should be fixed in front of the vehicle.
  9. The rotatory part of the secondary engine should be covered with fix guard.
  10. The rotating part of the gearbox should be covered by a mixed guard.
  11. Inbuilt adder should be proper with a suitable guard.
  12. Front & reverse horn.
  13. Fire extinguisher in the operator cabin
  14. Operators have a valid and suitable license.
  15. A First-Aid kit should be available.
  16. Normal bleak & emergency (hand) brake should be in functional & Operational condition.

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Transit Mixer Inspection Checklist  

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