Saturday, August 1, 2020

Club Cart Daily Inspection Checklist

  1. Is Club Cart equipped with paperwork?  (i.e., manufacturer’s operating guidelines, campus maps, etc.)
  2. Are head lights fully operational? (Both left and right)
  3. Are Club Cart head lights free of cracks or missing lenses?   
  4. Are tail lights operational? (Both left and right)    
  5. Are lenses cracked or missing?     
  6. Are brake lights fully operational?               
  7. Are turn signals fully operational? (Both left and right)       
  8. Are tires inflated properly according to manufacturer recommendations? 
  9. Are there visible cracks or uneven wear?   
  10. Are tires free of foreign objects (nails/screws etc.)?   
  11. Does battery have full water level?   
  12. Are cables free of corrosion and cracks?     
  13. Are brakes fully operable? (i.e., stopping ability.)       
  14. Do brakes squeak, squeal or make grinding sounds?    
  15. Are wipers operable?     
  16. Is windshield clear of cracks and scratches?     
  17. Is horn operable and adequate?     
  18. Any abnormalities? If so, explain...
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