Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hot Work Fire Watch Checklist

To prepare checklist for the Hot Work Fire Watch Checklist from hsedocuments, following are some main points:

  • There is no proof of burning or smouldering material or any other objects.
  • Always familiarize with the Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP), exit routes and alarm locations in the the building where hot work operations are being executed
  • Make sure that a proper fire extinguisher is readily and easily available in the hot work area
  • Double-check and verify with the Hot Work Operator what type of work they will be doing and take necessary precautionary steps before the start of the work
  • Make a verbal communication to all workforce that hot work activities are being conducted in the area
  • Make sure that there are no flammable materials near the work area. Flammable materials must be relocated at least 35 ft. from the work area
  • Make sure that materials that cannot be relocated 35 ft. from the work area are covered with a fire blanket before conducting hot work
  • Help and inform the Hot Work Operator to know the holes in the floor or walls where hot sparks and slag can enter. 
  • Ensure that these locations are covered before conducting work
  • Position yourself in a way that enables you to remain visible to the Hot Work Operator and other workers and personnel who may enter the immediate work area
  • Monitor sparks and slag generated by the hot work and ensure that they do not fly and land near flammable materials.
  • Stop anyone trying to pass through the immediate work area until the hot work can be suspended
  • Alert and warn the Hot Work Operator if anyone enters the work area. Suspend hot work activities until the area is properly clear, clean and housekeep again.                    
  • DO NOT leave your work area/post until you are relieved by another competent and trained fire watcher. 
  • In the event of an emergency, all hot work activities must be suspended until to normal conditions.
  • Remain in the work area for least 60 minutes* after hot work is accomplished 

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