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July 24, 2022

Managing Fatigue at the Worksite Toolbox Talks

 What is Fatigue?

This training toolbox prepared and uploaded by hse documents is free to download and use for your employees at the worksite. The hse documents are providing QHSE DOCS for its site visitors for free. Now let us discuss fatigue. Fatigue is a term used to describe an overall feeling of frazzle or lack of energy. It cannot understand or take as simply feeling drowsy or sleepy. When you’re fatigued, you have no provocation and no energy. Being sleepy may be a hint and symbol of fatigue, but it’s not the same thing. 

How did you sleep last night? Did you get enough sleep? How do you know? It's important to be apprehensive of yourself. Getting an abundance of sleep is an important part of your safety.

People need 7- 8 hours of sleep each 24-hour day. Sleep loss and getting up densely over several nights can be as harmful and injurious as sleep loss in one night. Both produce a decline in performance like slower response times, failure to respond to changes, and the incapability to concentrate and make reasonable judgments.

Fatigued persons tested from nonstop hours of insomnia against blood alcohol situations concluded that 17 hours awake is original to a blood alcohol content of0.05. Twenty-one hours awake is original to a blood alcohol content of0.08 and 24- 25 hours awake is original to a blood alcohol content of 0.10.

Do you get enough sleep?

This informative content is provided by hse documents for total free for its readers, you must do it for your safety and the safety of your coworkers. When you see the signs of fatigue in a colleague, draw their attention or the attention of an administrator to the situation to ensure they can work safely. However, you may be the one to be negatively impacted when an accident occurs if you don't take a visionary step. Be a valorous safety leader and speak up for safety.

Main Causes of Fatigue and How to Address It

Point to Remember


  1. When to see a doctor?
  2. Treatment
  3. Life changes
  4. Overview

Fatigue is a common symptom of numerous medical conditions that range in inflexibility from mild to serious. It’s also a natural result of some life choices, like lack of exercise or poor diet. Still, or you suspect it’s caused by an underpinning physical or internal health condition, see your doctor, if your fatigue does not resolve with proper rest and nutrition. Your doctor can assist and help you to diagnose the root and general cause of your fatigue and work with you to treat it.

What causes fatigue?

There are numerous implicit causes of fatigue. They can be divided into three general orders:

  1. Life factors
  2. Physical health conditions
  3. Internal health issues
  4. Life factors
  5. Fatigue can affect from
  6. Physical exertion
  7. Lack of physical exertion
  8. Lack of sleep
  9. Being fat or fat
  10. Ages of emotional stress
  11. Tedium
  12. Grief

Taking certain specifics, similar as antidepressants or anodynes:

  1. Using alcohol on a regular base
  2. Using lawless medicines, like cocaine
  3. Consuming too important caffeine
  4. Not eating a nutritional diet
  5. Physical health conditions

Numerous medical conditions can also beget fatigue. exemplifications include:

  1. Anaemia
  2. Arthritis
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Habitual fatigue pattern
  5. infections, like cold and flu
  6. Addison’s complaint, a complaint that can affect your hormone situations
  7. Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid
  8. Hyperthyroidism, or hyperactive thyroid
  9. Sleep diseases, like wakefulness
  10. Eating diseases, like anorexia
  11. Autoimmune diseases
  12. Congestive heart failure
  13. Cancer
  14. Diabetes
  15. Order complaint
  16. Liver complaint
  17. Habitual obstructive pulmonary complaint (COPD)
  18. Emphysema
  19. Mental health issues

Mental health conditions can also lead to fatigue. For illustration, fatigue is a common symptom of anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective complaint.

When is it time to see your doctor?

  1. You should make an appointment with your croaker if you’re feeling fatigued and you
  2. Does not suppose of anything that might regard for your fatigue
  3. Have an advanced-than-normal body temperature
  4. Have endured unexplained weight loss
  5. Feel veritably sensitive to colder temperatures
  6. Regularly have trouble falling or staying asleep


In some such types of uncommonness, your fatigue might be caused by and due to a serious medical condition. Go to the sanitarium incontinently if you witness fatigue along with any of the following symptoms:

  1. Rectal bleeding
  2. Puking blood
  3. Severe headache
  4. Pain in your casket area
  5. Passions of feebleness
  6. Irregular twinkle
  7. Briefness of breath
  8. Severe pain in your abdominal, back, or pelvic region
  9. Studies of self-murder or tone-detriment
  10. Studies of harming another person

How will your doctor treat fatigue?

Your doctors suggest and provide a treatment plan that will consist of and relate to what’s causing your fatigue. To make an opinion, they will ask you questions about the nature of your fatigue, including when it started and whether it gets better or worse at certain times:

  1. Other symptoms that you’ve been passing
  2. Other medical conditions that you have
  3. Your life and sources of stress
  4. Specifics that you ’retaking

Still, they may order some medical tests, if your croaker suspects you have a beginning medical condition that’s causing your fatigue. For illustration, they may order blood or urine tests.

The best Foods That Beat Fatigue

  • Unprocessed foods.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Non-caffeinated beverages.
  • Lean proteins.
  • Whole grains and complex carbs.
  • Nuts.
  • Water.
  • Vitamins and supplements.

What are some life changes that can help reduce fatigue?

Several measures can help lessen fatigue caused by diurnal conditioning. To help boost your energy situation and overall health:

  1. Drink enough fluids to stay doused
  2. Practice healthy eating habits
  3. Exercise on a regular base
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Avoid known stressors
  6. Avoid work or social schedules that are exorbitantly demanding
  7. Take part in relaxing conditioning, like yoga
  8. Hesitate from alcohol, tobacco, and other lawless medicines

These life changes may help ease your fatigue. It’s also essential and prominent to follow your doctor’s suggested treatment plan for any diagnosed health conditions.  However, fatigue can take a risk on your physical and emotional well-being, if left undressed.

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Managing Fatigue at the Worksite Toolbox Talks.



Thursday, July 21, 2022

July 21, 2022

Make the Most of your Botox Experience


Once you’ve decided that BOTOX is the right way for you to achieve a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing look, you need to prepare yourself. The treatments are quick and uncomplicated. As a result, you should be able to review in detail the procedure you are about to undergo. Knowing what to expect is the best way to ensure your comfort and success as you prepare to use Botox to eliminate unsightly wrinkles or for one of its many other uses.

Since the procedure is very straightforward, and there is little preparation in terms of medical needs, try to be prepared with your expectations. Likely, as soon as together with your doctor, nurse, or certified staff member, you may be asked to sit down in a reclining, dentist-like chair. When you know what you want, it will make the procedure more meaningful for you. You will be an active participant. So, you tell your physician you want to achieve this look, and then they may ask you to contract specific muscles, and then he or she will mark the injection locations.

Your Face After the Procedure

After the Botox injections, the affected location might also showcase small crimson dots. Instances of minor bruising or swelling have presented themselves in very rare cases. Any marks will fade within a few hours of the procedure. A little make-up will cover any marks in the meanwhile. Scars on the face are not a concern, since this is not an invasive procedure. Doctors recommend using an ice bag on the injection site for a few minutes after the procedure. This should eliminate or reduce any inflammation.

It’s pretty common for doctors to provide some type of documentation to support recovery after your procedure. The Botox will take impact within the first few hours with full results visible within approximately a week. So keep this in mind when you are scheduling your appointment around an event.

What does it cost?

Getting a procedure done is generally quite affordable, which is one of the main reasons for the procedure’s ongoing popularity. A BOTOX session will normally cost between $300 and $400 per syringe. Of course, this depends on the specific treatment you’ll receive. Compared to other anti-wrinkle injectable treatments, Botox is the most affordable. To maintain results, patients have to repeat the procedure every four to six months.

Botox Side Effects

When Botox side effects do happen, they’re usually temporary. They can show themselves within the first week of injection, and can, in some instances, persist for several months. Depending on where you received the treatment, the side effects could vary. For patients with frown strains, the maximum commonplace Botox-related facet effects consist of:

  1. Headache
  2. Respiratory infection
  3. Flu-like symptoms

Make the Most of your Botox Experience 

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Make the Most of your Botox Experience 



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July 20, 2022

Upcoming Health and Safety Documents…

The following health and safety documents are being uploaded...

Method Statements:

1. Method Statement for Earthing and Lightning Protection

2. Method Statement for Installation of Underground Electrical UPVC Pipes

3. Method Statement for Conduit Installation

4. Method Statement for Cable Trays, Trunking and Cable Ladders

5. Method Statement for Power Cable Installation

6. Method Statement for Building Wires Installation

7. Method Statement for Isolators - Disconnect Switches Installation

8. Method Statement for Wiring Devices Installation

9. Method Statement for Installation of Elevators

10. Method Statement for Installation of Lighting Fixtures (with handwritten comments)

11. Method Statement for Installation of Lighting Fixtures

12. Method Statement for Installation of Emergency Central Battery System

13. Method Statement for Transformer Installation

14. Method Statement for MV Panels Installation

15. Method Statement for Sub-Main Distribution Boards and Distribution Installation

16. Method Statement Diesel Generator Installation

17. Method Statement for HV Switchgear Installation

18. Method Statement for Installation of Lighting Management System

19. Method Statement for Dock Leveler Installation

20. Method Statement for Audio Visual Installation

21. Method Statement for Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation

22. Method Statement for the Installation of Fire and Voice Alarm

23. Method Statement for Gate Barrier Installation

24. Method Statement for Assistive Listening System Installation

25. Method Statement for 11KV Cable Installation

26. Method Statement for the Testing and Commissioning of Fire & Voice Alarm System

Risk Assessments:

1. Risk Assessment for Earthing and Lightning Protection

2. Risk Assessment for Installation of Underground Electrical UPVC Pipes

3. Risk Assessment for Conduit Installation

4. Risk Assessment for Cable Trays, Trunkings and Cable Ladders

5. Risk Assessment for Power Cable Installation

6. Risk Assessment for Building Wires Installation

7. Risk Assessment for Isolators - Disconnect Switches Installation

8. Risk Assessment for Wiring Devices Installation

9. Risk Assessment for Installation of Elevators

10. Risk Assessment for Installation of Lighting Fixtures (with handwritten comments)

11. Risk Assessment for Installation of Lighting Fixtures

12. Risk Assessment for Installation of Emergency Central Battery System

13. Risk Assessment for Transformer Installation

14. Risk Assessment for MV Panels Installation

15. Risk Assessment for Sub-Main Distribution Boards and Distribution Installation

16. Risk Assessment Diesel Generator Installation

17. Risk Assessment for HV Switchgear Installation

18. Risk Assessment for Installation of Lighting Management System

19. Risk Assessment for Dock Leveler Installation

20. Risk Assessment for Audio Visual Installation

21. Risk Assessment for Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation

22. Risk Assessment for the Installation of Fire and Voice Alarm

23. Risk Assessment for Gate Barrier Installation

24. Risk Assessment for Assistive Listening System Installation

25. Risk Assessment for 11KV Cable Installation

26. Risk Assessment for the Testing and Commissioning of Fire & Voice Alarm System




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July 18, 2022

HSE Documents-Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.

Safe Work Practice 


  1. The erection and dismantling of scaffolds should be completed under the supervision of a competent employee who's informed and experienced in such operations.
  2. Workers erecting and dismantling a scaffold more than 2.4 meters (Eight ft.) high need to be tied off with a full frame harness and lanyard equipped with a shock absorber.
  3. Scaffolds need to be erected with all braces, pins, screw jacks, base plates, and other fittings established, as required by the manufacturer.
  4. Scaffolds ought to be thoroughly braced horizontally and vertically.
  5. Scaffolds need to be equipped with guardrails along with a top rail, mid-rail, and toe board.
  6. Scaffold platforms need to be at least forty-six centimetres (18 inches) wide and if they may be over 2.4 meters (Eight ft.) excessive they have to be planked throughout their full width.
  7. Scaffolds ought to be tied into construction at vertical durations no longer exceeding three times the least lateral dimension, inclusive of the dimension of any outrigger stabilizing devices.
  8. Where scaffolds cannot be tied into a building, man lines safely secured should be used to offer stability.
  9. Scaffold frames must be well pinned together in which scaffolds are frames or more on top or wherein they're used as rolling scaffold towers.
  10. Scaffolds need to be erected, used, and maintained in a reasonably plumb situation.
  11. Scaffold planks ought to be securely fixed to prevent them from sliding.
  12. Scaffold planks should be set up so that they overhang through at least 15 centimetres (6 inches) however no more than 30 centimetres (12 inches).
  13. Scaffold planks ought to be: of top quality, free of defects, inclusive of unfastened knots, splits or rot, hard sawn, measuring 48mm X 248mm (1 7/8 " X 9-3/4") in move segment, and No. 1 spruce or better.
  14. Scaffolds should be ready with the right ladder to get the right of entry. Vertical ladders ought to be prepared with 15 centimetres (6 inches) stand-off brackets and a ladder climbing fall protection device or safety cage whilst they're greater than three meters (10 feet) high.
  15. Frame scaffolds over 15 meters (50 feet) high and tube-and-clamp scaffolds over 10 meters (30 feet) excessive should be designed by using an expert engineer and constructed following the design.
  16. Remove ice, snow, oil, grease, and different slippery fabric from the platform, and apply sand to the floor.
  17. Wheels or casters on rolling scaffolds must be ready with braking devices and securely pinned to the scaffold frame.

Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.

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HSE Documents-Scaffold Safety Guidelines Toolbox Talks.πŸ‘ˆ



July 18, 2022


The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is one of seven varieties of acknowledged human coronaviruses.  COVID-19, like the MERS and SARS coronaviruses, possibly evolved from a deadly disease previously found in animals. The final recognized coronaviruses purpose a huge percentage of colds in adults and children, and those are not a severe danger to otherwise healthy adults. Hsedocuments is a great source of health and safety documents free and editable documents e.g, risk assessment, safety checklists, HSE guidelines, procedures, and forms. 
Patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection have reportedly had slight to severe respiration ailments with symptoms consisting of fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), Chinese authorities recognized an epidemic resulting from a novel—or new—coronavirus. The virus can cause moderate to severe breathing contamination. The outbreak began in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and has unfolded in a growing wide variety of different countries—together with the USA.
COVID-19, like different viruses, can unfold among humans. Infected human beings can unfold COVID-19 via their breathing secretions, especially after they cough or sneeze. According to the CDC, unfolding from man or woman to character is most likely amongst near contacts (approximately 6 feet). Person-to-person unfold is an idea to arise especially via breathing droplets produced when an infected individual coughs or sneezes, like how influenza and other breathing pathogens spread. These tiny droplets can land in the human mouths or noses of individuals who are close to or inhaled into their lungs. It is currently doubtful if a person can get COVID-19 by using touching a surface or item that has the virus on it after which by touching their mouth, nostril, or probably their eyes.
In assessing ability risks, employers must remember whether their people may additionally stumble upon someone inflamed with COVID-19 along the route of their obligations.  Employers need to also decide if workers will be uncovered to environments (e.g., worksites) or substances (e.g., laboratory samples, waste) infected with the virus.
Depending on the work setting, employers may additionally rely upon the identity of ill individuals who have signs, symptoms, and/or a history of journey to COVID-19-affected regions that indicate ability contamination with the virus, to assist pick out publicity dangers for employees and put in force appropriate control measures.

Worker Responsibilities:

  1. Frequently wash your arms with cleaning soap and water for a minimum of 20 Seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands which are visibly soiled.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inner of your elbow.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nostril, or mouth with unwashed fingers.
  4. Maintain at least 6 feet of separation from others while in shared areas.
  5. Avoid close touch with unwell individuals.
  6. Employees who've signs and symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, or shortness of breath) must notify their supervisor, and stay domestic—DO NOT GO TO WORK.
  7. Sick employees need to observe CDC-advocated steps. 
  8. Employees must not return to paintings till the criteria to discontinue domestic isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and neighbourhood fitness departments.

General Job Site / Office Practices

  1. Clean AND disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces which include workstations, keyboards, hand equipment, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs. 
  2. Dirty surfaces can be wiped clean with soap and water before disinfection.
  3. To disinfect, use products that meet EPA’s criteria to be used towards SARS-CoV-2 outside icon, the reason of COVID-19, and are suitable for the floor.
  4. Avoid the use of other employees’ telephones, desks, offices, or different painting equipment and gadget, while possible.
  5. If essential, clean and disinfect them earlier than and after use.
  6. Clean and disinfect frequently used tools and devices regularly.
  7. This consists of different elements of the Jobsite in which possible.
  8. Employees ought to frequently do the identical in their assigned painting areas.
  9. Clean shared spaces including trailers and damage/lunchrooms as a minimum once according to today.
  10. Disinfect shared surfaces (door handles, equipment controls, and so forth.) regularly.
  11. Avoid sharing tools with co-employees if it could be prevented. If now not, disinfect earlier than and after each use.
  12. Arrange for any portable job website lavatories to be cleaned with the aid of the leasing enterprise at least two times in line with the week and disinfected on the internal.
  13. Any trash gathered from the activity site must be changed frequently by someone wearing gloves.
  14. In addition to everyday PPE for workers engaged in numerous obligations (fall protection, difficult hats, hearing safety), employers may also offer:
A- Gloves: Gloves ought to continually be worn while on the website. The form of glove worn ought to be appropriate to the challenge and likeminded with the substances dealt with at some stage in the undertaking. If gloves aren't generally required for the undertaking, then any form of the glove is appropriate, along with latex gloves.  Gloves need to know not to be shared.
B- Eye protection: Eye protection should continually be worn while on-site.


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July 16, 2022


This Method Statement cover installations of PVC single core insulated wires defined by the Specifications.


This procedure defines the method to be used to ensure that building wires installations are correct and acceptable and shall conform to the specifications.


2.1. Project Specifications

2.2. Electrical Shop Drawings

2.3. Approved Material Submittals

2.4. Approved Safety Plan


3.1. Electrical Field Engineers

3.2. Safely Officer

3.3. OA/OC Engineer

3.4. Electrical Supervisors.


General HSE Statement:

4.1. All safety precautions shall be followed as per the approved safety plan & procedure

4.2. Ensure all involved persons are aware of the same

4.3. Safely officer to ensure that all working platforms and ladders shall be safe and in good condition.

4.4. Ensure that all tradesmen shall leave their working places clean, tidy end free of rubbish.






Monday, July 11, 2022

July 11, 2022

HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit

To download the word and editable format, click the link given at the end.

The following precautions are to be taken;

  1. Identify existing under & above utility services
  2. Proper Access / Exit is available for the work area.
  3. Daily housekeeping of the work area is completed on a priority basis.
  4. Vehicles' safe worthiness checked/filled all vehicles daily checklist before start.
  5. Excavated material kept away from the excavated edge or removed from the location.
  6. Ensure that flag man is available at vehicles movement area.
  7. Proper and compacted vehicle access is provided.
  8. Shoring/ sloping/ benching provided to the inside of soft/collapsible excavation area.
  9. Soft & Hard barricade provided around excavation area.
  10. Safety Sign board display at site / Excavation area.
  11. Warning (Barrication) tape/flashlight during night provided around the excavation.
  12. A competent Engineer / Supervisor in place.
  13. Ensure to use certified machinery.
  14. Ensure overall vision for machine operators.
  15. Ensure the operator is competent and has a valid driving license.
  16. If a ladder is placed securely.
  17. Ensure to provide HIRA/ Tool Box talk/ Job-specific training to all engaged workers.
  18. PPEs provide safety Helmets, Safety goggles, safety shoes, hand gloves, and a dust mask.
  19. If a ladder is placed securely.

Other Precautions Required:

I understand the precaution to be taken as described above and per project requirement & hereby confirm that work will be executed under my supervision by following all precaution & safety Rules.

B: Permit request by Area in Charge. 

C: Permit Authorized by Client/ Consultant representative Engineer, In-Charge.      

D: Permit Requestor requested for Extension / Closing 

I hereby declare that all persons under my charge have been Extended/withdrawn and all materials, tools, and other equipment have been removed. 

I have reviewed and verified that the Method statement & Risk Assessment (MSRA) is suitable. All necessary safety precautions about the hazards identified in the assessment have been taken.

E: Permit Authorized By - Acknowledge the Extension / Closing request Client/ Consultant representative Engineer In-Charge.

 HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit 

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HSE Documents-Excavation Work Permit



Friday, July 8, 2022

July 08, 2022

Wrinkle Filler Salt Lake And Other Cosmetic Procedures Inherently Carry Some Risk

As a society, we are becoming more educated about the dangers associated with cosmetic procedures, such as wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake. As recently as 2011, a newspaper in Florida was reporting on the death of a woman from “complications of liposuction and a buttocks enhancement procedure.” Some cosmetic procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing in Utah, pose less risk of harm or injury than more invasive procedures, such as liposuction or augmentation; however, any time major changes are made to the physical appearance of the body through the use of needles or surgery, there is always an inherent risk.

Because the risks involved in cosmetic procedures are often severe, many states have begun to regulate not only the number of procedures that can be performed at one time on a single patient but also the complexity of the procedures being performed. A combination of procedures such as wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake and laser skin resurfacing in Utah may be allowed while a procedure that combines liposuction and buttocks reshaping may not be in a single surgery because of the more invasive procedures being combined. Training requirement regulations and surgery office inspections have also increased to assure the highest standard of safety for cosmetic procedures is met.

Also in the very recent past, there was a report in the LA Times about a cosmetic surgeon accused of sexual misconduct with patients. This particular doctor performed cosmetic procedures ranging from wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake to full-body makeovers. The doctor was under investigation not only for inappropriate conduct with patients at his office but also because a surgical centre that he owned was also under intense investigation concerning lax regulations. A 39-year-old mother of five was left dead from what the coroner’s office deemed an “accidental puncture wound.”

With the numerous conflicting reports we either hear or read about, are cosmetic procedures even safe? There is plenty of disturbing information that may seem to indicate that even the most harmless of procedures, such as wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake, may pose some serious risks, including even death. However, some cosmetic surgeons are speaking out to note some things to watch out for. The common denominator in physicians that appear to have questionable practices seems to be those who have either inadequate credentials, to begin with, have strayed beyond their speciality, or who operate in a facility that does not have proper credentials, to begin with.

So what can be done to assure the safety of cosmetic procedures? These doctors recommend a list of absolute requirements for a surgeon or surgery centre. Any cosmetic doctor being considered should be board certified in a speciality area. They should only perform procedures within that speciality area. A cosmetic surgery fellowship is usually a good indication that your cosmetic surgeon knows what he is doing. Facilities for any cosmetic procedures should take place in a surgery centre or hospital that holds all necessary credentials. The State Department of Health, the US Department of Health and Human Services, or another independent accrediting organization should award these credentials. And a specialist in anesthesiology should administer all anaesthesia needs. A doctor anesthesiologist or nurse anaesthetist are both qualified to perform anaesthesia.

All cosmetic procedures, ranging from wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake to laser skin resurfacing in Utah to liposuction and beyond, carry some inherent risk.

 Wrinkle Filler Salt Lake And Other Cosmetic Procedures Inherently Carry Some Risk

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Wrinkle Filler Salt Lake And Other Cosmetic Procedures Inherently Carry Some Risk

July 08, 2022

Here Are Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely

As a person grows older, the structure beneath the skin changes causing it to be more prone to easy bruising. There is less protection for the capillaries that are just under the skin. Most of the time a bruise does not offer any serious health challenges and requires no special treatment to eventually heal, however, some steps can be taken to stop bruising easily and promote more rapid healing.

Protective clothing can help to prevent bruising. Long sleeve shirts and long pants protect arms and legs. Occasionally this is all the additional padding that is required. If you find that you are regularly bruising your hips, put on lengthy sweaters that cover the hips. Wear your shoes to prevent bruising on your foot and your toes. For forearms and thighs search for shielding pads that will cowl these areas at your local drug save. For some people, increasing the consumption of foods that contain high levels of vitamin K will help increase the clotting that helps prevent bruising easily. This vitamin is found in leafy greens and cabbages. Vitamin K supplements may also help but check with your doctor first if you are taking any type of blood thinner.

If you have an existing bruise, crush fresh parsley and spread the crushed leaves onto the bruise as a compress. This promotes healing and can help to fade the black and blue of a bruise in as little as a day. An adhesive bandage or gauze and tape can help hold the parsley in place.

If you are on a daily aspirin regimen, be sure that you are taking the 81 mg aspirin and not the regular strength 325 mg adult dose. Daily aspirin of the adult dose will thin the blood too much and cause blood leakage through the capillaries. These leaks will cause bruising at the sites of the leakage.

A good multivitamin supplement may also help. In addition to providing the vitamin K already highlighted and described, it should also provide vitamin C. These vitamins can benefit to intact your body strong, smooth, and healthy and assist you to avoid weakness and deficiency for easy bruising.

Remember the Acronym RICE

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

If you have injured a part of your body, remember the acronym RICE. This tells you how to care for a bruise. 

  1. The injured area should be allowed to REST. That provides it with a chance to improve and rebuild.
  2. ICE constricts the blood vessels and helps to stop bleeding beneath the skin. 
  3. COMPRESSION and ELEVATION help the blood to drain out of the area which has been injured.

Finally, try to eat citrus fruit every day. While your frame can get a few vitamins C from a multivitamin, citrus fruit also can assist to reinforce the partitions of the capillaries. As the capillaries emerge as more potent, they're less probably to leak, and there's much less bruising. Vitamin C is also instrumental in healing the body. A daily dose of citrus fruit can help to prevent bruising and help heal existing bruises.

While most bruises may not be harmful, they can be both painful and ugly. Follow the steps outlined here to help stop bruising easily and heal the bruises that do occur. You should also consider the additional step of following the all-natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program to help stop bruising easily completely, just like people all over the world have done with great success.

Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely 

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Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely 

July 08, 2022

Wrinkle Fillers Salt Lake Can Make You Look Younger

A more youthful look can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift with injectable wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake. Becoming increasingly popular, this is a fairly fast (less than 30 minutes) and relatively easy treatment that can fill in lines and wrinkles. Results can last from four months to a year and varies from individual to individual. Botox injections, which decrease wrinkles by relaxing the muscle under the wrinkle, are different from fillers because fillers fill in lines and creases with one of several different materials, causing wrinkles to almost disappear completely. And also unlike Botox, these injections can create volume, plump and lift cheeks, and fill out thin lips, and other body areas where sagging skin is present. And best of all? These treatments can occur in conjunction with laser skin resurfacing in Utah to make a younger, more aesthetically pleasing appearance possible.

There are many benefits to cosmetic treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing in Utah and wrinkle correction. They are relatively quick, cause minimal discomfort and require almost no downtime following the procedure; however, every type of wrinkle filler in Salt Lake has a downside along with potential benefits. Regardless of the type used, there is a risk of an allergic reaction, tiny bumps forming under the skin, the Tyndall effect (a bluish discolouration), and even skin cell damage. There is no one-size-fits-all option for all wrinkles and creases, so receiving treatments from board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons with proper training in these types of procedures is a must.

The most popular category of wrinkle filler in Salt Lake is hyaluronic acid. Results may last from several months to a year. Repeated injections may help to cause the body naturally to respond by making more collagen, thereby reducing the number and severity of wrinkles. Side effects are generally rare, but include swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. A common problem that often resolves on its own with time is the filler itself being seen under the skin, appearing as tiny bumps. There are a couple of different types of hyaluronic acid fillers and each works in a slightly different way.

There are also two very similar, but less common forms of wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake: 

Collagen and Autologous. 

  1. Both of these fillers are somewhat more natural than other options, as they either mimic what the body does naturally (produce collagen) or are taken from the body itself (fat taken from the individual's own body). 
  2. Both of these methods try to utilize the body itself (or chemicals that it produces) to correct wrinkles. 
  3. These methods are also not commonly used because of the side effects associated with them; however, they can be a good option for some individuals in certain circumstances. 

Side effects of this type of injection are: 

  1. Bruising,
  2. Swelling, 
  3. Redness, 
  4. Soreness at the injection site.

Synthetic Fillers

  1. Another option is synthetic fillers. This category of wrinkle correction, which is composed wholly of lab-made substances, is relatively small in comparison to other fillers. 
  2. This may be because none of the substances used is even closely related to anything found naturally in the skin. 
  3. The upside is that the effects from this type of injection can last for a very long time concerning other fillers. 
  4. The downside is that side effects are more common, and also more severe, with this type of injection (sometimes causing permanent disfigurement when not used correctly.) 

Side effects of this type of injection Include:

  1. Redness
  2. Swelling
  3. Bruising at the injection site
  4. Nodules or bumps under the skin (which may require surgery to be removed.)

Wrinkle fillers in Salt Lake and laser skin resurfacing in Utah can both be good options for obtaining a more youthful appearance if obtained by highly trained, certified professionals.

Wrinkle Fillers Salt Lake Can Make You Look Younger

Download the File Here πŸ‘‡

July 08, 2022

Mandatory Fatality Prevention Review-Heights Above 6 Feet Or 2 Meters


While working at a height of more than 2-meters, workers should have this written document and should read it completely before starting the job.


While working on Ladders, make sure to the below:

  1. Always inspect the ladders before use for wear, cracks, loose, or missing fittings and they are in good condition.
  2. To prevent any electrical risk of injury or other fatal consequences, use only wooden/fibreglass portable ladders during any MEP electrical work.
  3. Set up the ladder (extension or straight) so that it is free from any hazard – steady, placed at the 4:1 ratio – 3 feet (1 meter) secure and safe past landing while accessing landing.
  4. Don’t place or install the ladder near electrical installations. (A minimum clearance of 3.1 meters (10 feet) safe distance must be kept.)
  5. No more 1-person at a time will climb the ladder. Make sure only 1-person is using it at a time.
  6. Don’t over-reach. (Keep the centre of the body inside rails.)
  7. Never stand higher than the 4th rung from the top of an extension ladder.
  8. While using the ladder, always practice safe methods and climb facing the ladder and keep at least 3-points of contact with the ladder (for example, 2 feet and 1-hand).
  9. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below.


Inspected the mobile lift before its use for the following:

  1. Top rails
  2. Mid-rails
  3. Toe boards
  4. Hydraulic oil leaks
  5. Condition of mechanical parts 
  6. The entry gate is in place
  7. Always understand how to use the equipment. 
  8. You must stand on the floor of the platform and wear personal fall protection. 
  9. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below. 


  1. Always review the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly.
  2. Always ensure the scaffold is levelled on the ground properly, steady, and secured. 
  3. Make sure that a guardrail with mid-rail & toe board is essentially in place on all open sides & ends, particularly when it is on enough height. 
  4. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below. 


  1. Always use fall protection, if there is any possibility and potential to fall from a height above 6 feet (2-meters). 
  2. Use a full-body harness with a lanyard. 
  3. Use a self-locking snap hook for the harness to a lanyard to the anchor point. 
  4. Always use a deceleration device (shock absorber or self-retracting). 
  5. Make sure that the length of the lanyard and the deceleration device plus your height is less than the distance between the anchor points and the ground.
  6. The anchor point is enough and strong to stop your fall.
  7. That you have inspected the equipment before use from wear and tear, critical and even minor cuts, and greasy contaminations.
  8. And the final, make sure that you will be rescued if you fall.

If there are any questions or concerns contact your project supervisor.
Heights Above 6 Feet Or 2 Meters

Download The File Here πŸ‘‡

Monday, July 4, 2022

July 04, 2022

Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle

The following are some of the main points taken from the original "Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle" checklist. to download the editable format, click on the link at the end of these points. 

To download more health and safety documents, visit hsedocuments frequently.

1 - Are competent operators authorized by ACI and safe work training given on how to operate the Cradle as per the manual?

2 - Operatives in the suspended cradle received instructions on the safe systems of work and the emergency procedures for the equipment?

3 - Is the cradle inspected/certified by Third Party and is the certificate still valid? Operator with valid Third-Party Training Certificate?

4 - Operating manual including relevant documents available.

5 - Are the outriggers, socket for the davit arm, parapet wall clamp, the tie-back in good working order?

6 - Is a sign with the Safe Working Load (SWL) in kilograms adjusted inside the cradle and the load on the platform within its safe working load?

7 - Are safe entries and exits provided for workers coming into and out including safe access along with the entire work platform of the cradle?

8 - Does the cradle appear to be in a safe mechanical condition with no loose bolts or connections?

9 - Are overhead hazards considered including electricity and falling objects? Control measures in place?

10 - The functional test is conducted on the following:

All operational control including the emergency stop

Communication system

Manual descent facility

All limit switches

All electrical wiring and earthing component

Automatic safety devices

Braking systems

11 - Is the area below barricaded, signs posted, and Permit to Work for the relevant activity secured?

12 - Are there any items in the cradle including accessories used having abnormal wear and tear?

13 - Any oil leakage, overheating, corrosion, unusual noise, dislocation, misalignment, visual cracks, overloading, abnormal slackening or elongation, and excessive vibration?

14 - Are there any apparent defects in the hoist mechanism, wire ropes, and shackles?

15 - Any abnormal braking system function, the automatic safety Device, or safety interlocks?

16 - Are there any defects in the power cable, control button, plug, and other electrical connections?

17 - Are there any incorrect fitting of lifelines and safety harness and their anchorages?

 Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle 

Download the File Here πŸ‘‡

Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 03, 2022

The Way to Connect Google+Pages and Google Places

Many times, we see the problem that we have duplicate pages, one with our local business on Google maps (Google places), and another with our Google plus page, below we see the steps to unify the two pages without losing anything by the way.

If you have created a page on Google+ of a type other than a local business or site and you wanted to connect this page to Google Maps and get reviews, you will need to follow the steps indicated on the Google plus help page.

In the end, what you will achieve is to connect your current Google+ page to Google Maps and apply the company information (address, reviews, and much more) from Google Maps to your page. The same Page followers, posts, and admins will remain.

First of all, also make sure that this change is really necessary for the company since some data on the page will be permanently modified.

Let Us Try How to connect Google+ page to Google maps

1. If you haven't already done so, create a separate Google+ Local Page, verified on Google Maps, for the same business as your Page.

2. Sign in to Google+, select Pages in the left navigation menu column, and click Manage this page on the local page.

( The local page looks similar to your current page. It will include a verification badge next to the page name. When you hover over the badge, you'll see a “Verified local business” label. )

3. Click the gear icon next to the company name and select Settings.

4. Scroll down to the “Profile” section. Next to "This page is connected to Google Maps," click Connect another page.

5. In the “Link another page to this location” dialog box, choose the page you would like to connect to Google Maps and click Next.

6. You'll see a list describing the changes made to the newly created page you're connecting to Google Maps and the Google+ Local page you're disconnecting from Google Maps. Click Confirm.

What happens to the page that has been connected to Google Maps?

  • The name and verification badge of the previous local page will be included.
  • Business information (business hours, phone number, etc.) and reviews from the previous local page will be displayed.
  • Old owner responses to local page reviews will no longer be displayed.
  • The same followers, posts, and admins will remain.
  • The custom URL (if you've set one) will be preserved.
  • Ad campaigns associated with the Page may be removed. To start creating a campaign, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.

What about the old local page?

  1. It will no longer appear on Google Maps.
  2. It will stop displaying local business information and reviews.
  3. It will change its name to “Backup of the”
  4. It will still be visible on Google+.
  5. You will keep the same followers, posts, and admins.
  6. It will keep the same custom URL (if you had set one).
  7. It will stop showing any associated AdWords Express campaigns.

If you need more help or have any problems in this process, you can leave us a comment, or see the Google help page, and you can always follow the tips to improve your local SEO


July 03, 2022

SEO for DuckDuckGo Search Engine

SEO for DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo despite not being a well-known search engine at the Hispanic level, at the Anglo-Saxon level is gaining weight and strength (obviously limited by the giants around it).

To begin with, DuckDuckGo defines itself as a safe and private search engine and this means that DuckDuckGo does not track you or collect any of the IP addresses you browse with, which means that it is not filtered or personalized so everything in the world sees the same results every time for any identical search query.

DuckDuckGo has some features common to other search engines such as search suggestions, maps, local search, image search, instant responses, and a few other things.

When  DuckDuckGo Was Created?

In addition to that, DuckDuckGo was created in 2008 and currently has about five million queries per day, which may not be much compared to giants like Google, but it is 40% percent more than it had in January of this year.

On top of all this Apple has just announced that DuckDuckGo will be a part of Safari in the next versions of Mac OS X (called Yosemite) and in iOS 8, due out this Fall. Users will then have the option to opt-out of using this search engine when using Safari, so DuckDuckGo has a good chance to grow shortly. It must also be said that Google will continue to be the default search engine in Apple products, but at least there is the possibility of choosing DuckDuckGo, and that can be a big step for the search engine.

In short, I know that DuckDuckGo can bring a little volume of traffic and that it is not yet very prepared for the Hispanic market, but even so, it can be taken into account (you have to scratch where you can), so here are some tips desire.

SEO Tips for DuckDuckGo

1. Much importance of Wikipedia

In DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia is very relevant, and therefore all the links that are within Wikipedia also take part in that relevance, so they tend to position quite well both the Wikipedia pages and the pages which link to Wikipedia.

2. Highly value links with high authority

This is any search engine, but it seems that DuckDuckGo increases this variable much more and that it is closely related to point 1 (and in general with the whole web positioning world)

3. Focus on direct response search terms and local searches

DuckDuckGo works well with these types of queries to which you can offer a direct response, such as what is the best restaurant in Barcelona? In what year was Cristiano Ronaldo born? etc…

It is also quite focused on local searches (partly related to the next point of mobile)

4. Website optimized for mobile

This is also common to any SEO strategy, but considering that part of DuckDuckGo’s traffic will come from iPhones with iOS 8, it's not a bad idea that your website looks good on mobile devices.

5. Keywords in the domain and .com as TLD

One of the factors that seem to predominate in DuckDuckGo are the keywords in the domain, with a predominance of the EMD, but the keywords within the domain are equally valid. They also give a lot of importance to .com domains compared to the rest of TLDs.

In short, at the Hispanic level, DuckDuckGo doesn't seem like it's going to have a big enough piece of the pie to not even pay too much attention to it, but it's always good to analyze and take a look at search engines that are working hard to do something different, so welcome to

Click on HSEDOCUMENTS to read more useful articles on SEO.
July 03, 2022

SEO on YouTube

Today we bring a new video tutorial, this time talking a little about SEO on YouTube and what factors influence when positioning videos on YouTube and how we can optimize these videos to facilitate the task for those who are looking for it. Many times we forget about videos in our content and positioning strategies, but the reality is that videos are consumed more and more on the internet, it is a good way to reach an audience that we might not otherwise reach and it increases our visibility in the net.

SEO on YouTube – How to position videos on YouTube

SEO on YouTube 

The video talks about the importance of the relevance of the user and the video when it comes to positioning the video itself.

Regarding the relevance of the user, we can take into account the number of subscribers, general theme of their videos (tags and global lists), accumulated likes, accumulated dislikes, number of reproductions, minutes of total reproductions, accumulated favorites, accumulated times shared, etc. … all this at the user account level.

Regarding the relevance of the video, which would also count what was said above (likes, dislikes, favorites, times shared, date of creation, number of reproductions, minutes reproduced, duration of the video, and everything related to the relevance of the video) it would be necessary to have taken into account the title, description, tags and category that we use, as well as the thumbnail image. On the other hand, the editing and correction of the automatic transcription made by YouTube itself will also help us to give our video meaning and theme.

SEO on YouTube 

Maybe I forgot to comment on something in the video, but I hope that at least the basic concepts concerning video optimization are understood... and your comments will surely help to expand this list...

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