Thursday, June 30, 2022

June 30, 2022

Vitamin E May Really Help Heal Existing Bruises, But Not Stop Bruising Easily!

When you finally decide that you want to find a way to get your bruises healed as quickly as possible, you will find that there is a wide variety of so-called bruising remedies being made available to you. Whether you acquire them from the Internet or donated by your family or friends, you’ll discover that there is such a wide range of them available to you that it might be almost impossible to highlight which ones are going to be the most effective solution for you.

One Supposed Cure

One supposed cure that is brought up repeatedly is Vitamin E:

  1. Does Vitamin E really do the job it's supposed to do when you are trying to heal your bruises as rapidly as possible? 
  2. What information is really viable?

The first aspect which you have to be privy to is that vitamin E actually is splendid stuff in a lot of conditions. It can paint very properly as a partner to vitamin C whilst you are seeking to help your frame heal standard, and it may be best while you are looking at healing certain skin issues. If you've got a new car which you don’t need to go away a mark permanently, or even every now and then when you have a vintage scar, you may use vitamin E implemented without delay to the scar to keep the skin looking top. It promotes fast healing and, it can keep your skin looking fresh and young.

The issue is that nutrition E does now not cope with the actual business of recovering an existing bruise, which intently relates to a condition within your circulatory machine. Remember that a bruise is what happens when tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin are broken.

In this manner that to save you bruising, you must have treatment in an effort to make your circulatory system rather less issue to harm, and whilst you need to get your bruise to disappear, you require something as a way to burn up the bleeding beneath the pores and skin degree and restore your herbal pigmentation. The truth is that vitamin E cannot do either of these things.

Vitamin E is fantastic when you use it in taking external care of your skin, but just like the quote that says beauty isn’t just skin deep, neither is bruising. There are a host of remedies around that proudly assert that they contain a lot of vitamin E, but unless the other ingredients are outstanding, you will need to really consider what your optimum choices are. There are a lot of varying reasons why vitamin E can be useful as an ingredient in your external bruise treatment (particularly if you are concerned with the look and feel of your skin afterward), but be positive that you look for other, more helpful, ingredients as well.

Take some time to try to determine how you bruise and why. This is something that you need to consider if you want to get rid of that bruising problem for good, so make sure that you think about your particular situation and what you need to do to get the proper help to solve your particular problem.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you that vitamin E can work well as a topical, external treatment for an existing bruise, but it falls well short of providing any help as a preventative for your tendency to bruise easily. You would be much better served to follow the all-natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program, without any vitamin E, which has proved to be effective for people all over the world who desire to prevent bruising easily altogether.

Vitamin E May Really Help Heal Existing Bruises, But Not Stop Bruising Easily! 

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Vitamin E May Really Help Heal Existing Bruises, But Not Stop Bruising Easily! 

June 30, 2022

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)-Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for Radiography Test of Joints

HSE Documents is a totally free and easy download source and project of a huge variety and quantity of occupational health safety and environmental documents such as HIRA, JSA, JHA, risk assessments, forms, checklists, safety training including toolbox talks, PowerPoints, and many more. Just keep on visiting and send us feedback in the comments section. 

The following is a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)-Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for Radiography Test of Boiler Joints. To download the editable file, just click on the link given at the bottom of this post.

Activity No 1. Shifting of Equipment and material to location (including source)


Falling of material

Safety Precautions

  1. All material should be shifted through a trolley/Trailer and foremen must wear all PEEs
  2. All lifting tools must have a valid test certificate.  
  3. Before starting work ensure that sling must be fixed properly with D-Shackle.          


Radiation leakages

Safety Precautions

  1. The person should be trained and competent to operate the exposure device.
  2. The source container should be leakproof. Same should be insured by survey meter.
  3. Source capacity is 20 Curie so at least 20 Mets area all around should be barricaded.
  4. Inspection agency to be registered with state's regulatory and compliance agencies/bodies.

Activity No 1. Taking of films


Radiation leakages

Safety Precautions

  1. The source container should be leakproof. Same should be insured by survey meter.
  2. Source capacity is 20 Curie so at least 20 Meters of the area all around should be barricaded.
  3. All people should be evacuated from the all-around 20 Meters area around the source.
  4. By survey meter, continuous inspection is to be done all around the area. Radiation after the bracketing should be less than 2 MR.
  5. The Survey meter should valid calibration certificate.
  6. Ample supervisors/workers should be positioned to stop any unknown person from getting into the barricaded area.

Fall of person

  1. Use fall protection equipment must be used as per the standard
  2. Workmen must be trained and certified to work at heights.
  3. Fall protection equipment must be tested valid test certificate available.

Activity No 1. Safe storage of radiation material.


Radiation leakages

Safety Precautions

The source container should be leakproof. Same should be insured by survey meter.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

June 29, 2022

Being A SEO Expert, Everything You Need to Know About Link Building

It is undeniable that Google has greatly improved its ability to semantically process human language. Since Hummingbird came out in 2013, Google is more responsive to user questions. But the link building is still working. And that means that to establish the quality of a website and place it at the top of the SERPs for certain types of queries, the algorithm has no choice but to measure the authority. And when I talk about authority, I mean the way we SEOs understand it: based primarily on the quantity and quality of external links you receive.

It seems that this will continue to be the case for a long time unless Google takes an evolutionary leap and begins to understand the contents of a website as a human would. Until our eyes see that day arrive, we have link building for a while, and if you feel like you can read about the effectiveness of link building.

For this post, I have decided to create this small guide, which will help you to have an overview of link building, its evolution in recent years, the main techniques, etc., to position a website with external links. If you already know the topic, you can skip the first sections

What is link building?

In the introduction, I have already given some important hints. The English expression means “link building”. Link building is based on a fairly simple intuition: when something is liked because it is considered useful or valuable, it receives links. And the more links a site receives, the more authority Google attributes to it. The higher the authority, the better a site ranks in search results. The concept is very simple.

Getting links to a website drastically influences its positioning. And whoever does not believe it, can always do experiments for himself.

How does it work?

The authority flows, and a part of that force that a page receives is transferred to those sites to which it links. That is why in SEO we talk about link juice, or “link juice”. One way to take advantage of that flow of authority is to distribute it intelligently using internal links. For example, if we manage to position a page of our domain, and there we have placed a link to the main page, it will also receive a part of that force.

On the other hand, there may be pages within a domain that we are not interested in positioning because they only contain a contact form or the privacy policy. In that case, we use the “no follow” attribute so that the link juice is not transmitted, and it concentrates on the pages that we do want to rank.

Google had a more or less reliable indicator of authority known as PageRank but decided to wipe it off the map. Nor is it such a significant loss, because what counts is the indicator used by Google daily. In addition, SEOs have other ways to measure it, such as Page Authority and Domain Authority, from MOZ.

The evolution of link building in recent years

The chronicle of link building in recent times could be summarized as Google's attempt to get rid of anchor text and reduce its importance in SEO. The anchor text of the links that point to a site provides information to the search engine about the keywords that were important for the site, and the exact keywords, they worked! That gave rise to SEOs abusing this resource. But since the launch of Google Penguin in 2011, link building based on exact keywords in the anchor text can be very expensive. The off-page SEO landscape has changed a lot since then. Now what works is:

  • Alternate keywords with apparently casual expressions, such as “follow this link”, “click here”, etc.
  • Add several words that accompany the keyword in the anchor text so that the links seem natural.
  • Place the links within the body of the text.
  • Often use the brand name or the URL.

Use a no-follow link if you have a network of support blogs.

Use cocitation, which consists of putting two links, one to the website to be positioned and the other pointing to another on the same theme, so that Google understands that they are related by theme.

Take co-occurrence into account; not only do the keywords of the anchor text matter but the words that are in the context of the link (in the same paragraph, for example) are also taken into account by Google.

In addition, now the number of backlinks matters less than their quality, and it is better to place them little by little so as not to fall under the suspicion that we are trying to influence organic results. The fact that the theme of the page that links us is the same, or is closely related, has also gained weight.

Main link-building techniques to build a link profile

There are many ways to get external links and build a link profile that improves our SEO. Some of them are real strategies, and they involve thinking big, investing a lot of effort, and taking risks. Others are tactical, specific actions, and are within the reach of any blogger or webmaster without specialized knowledge in search engine positioning techniques.

Agreements between Webmasters

We refer to:

  1. Buy/rent links
  2. Link exchange
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Guest blogging

In all these cases, two webmasters are involved (and in some of them, an SEO or an agency acts as an intermediary). It is a win-win. Everybody wins. One receives a backlink. The other gets compensation, whether it be money, another reciprocal link, a payment for the sponsored post, or free content. Link exchange is not very stylish anymore, because it doesn't seem exactly natural, and it's easy to spot.

Press releases in the media should also be added here. The domains of digital newspapers and news portals usually have a lot of authority, and getting a link for the publication of a press release can be very beneficial for the SEO of a website. Although in this case, it is not a webmaster who agrees to the agreement, a journalist who saves himself having to look for a topic to write his article.

Other times, more than an exchange, it's a favor done by someone you like or because they hooked you up first (or just because). But remember, we are talking about link-building techniques.

Satellite Blogs

This tactic consists of creating blogs around the money site, but independent of it, to reinforce it through links. It is one of the most basic techniques that exist, and unlike some that we will see below, it does not have a specific or complex structure.

Link Wheels

This technique consists of creating several blogs on free platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Once created, articles must be added to each of them, with links to another of the sites in the wheel, and to the money site, or web page to be positioned. Normally up to two or three wheels are created.

Alex Navarro>, who controlled this technique to perfection, recommended not closing the circles. In other words, at the end of the wheel, one of the sites should not link to the next so that the chain would not be so obvious. Currently, this technique is easily traceable by the Google algorithm and its use is discouraged.

Tiers or link pyramids

A little more sophisticated, link pyramids consist of creating three levels (tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3). Links from level 3 point to level 2, and in level or tier 1, the links go to the money site. The good thing about this technique is that it allows you to automate tasks and create lower-quality links, which saves a lot of work. But let's see in more detail what the three levels consist of:

Tier 1: is made up of blogs with good content, blogs from newspapers, universities, etc. With extensive and well-thought-out posts, images, or even properly optimized videos. At this level, quality takes precedence over quantity.

Tier 2: At this level of the pyramid, made up of blogs, forum comments, bookmarks, etc., the quality is not as good, and the number of links is higher. The links, as I said, point to tier 1.

Tier 3: This is where some SEOs go wild with the black hat, and start placing automatically generated links, from directories, bookmarks, forums, pingbacks, etc.

The advantage of link pyramids is that they keep the money site relatively safe from penalties because the separation between levels serves as a filter. Still, one way to save yourself trouble can be to avoid spam in tier 3.

Private Blog Networks (PBN)

The PBN, “Private Blog Network” for its acronym in English, is a network of blogs that serve to support a money site with links. These networks are usually made up of high-quality blogs. Often, free platforms are dispensed with and the domains are their own, hosted and created with different accounts. The good thing about PBN is that you have all the advantages of tier 1 in the link pyramids, without the brown that comes with level 3 tiers.

As they are blogs with good quality content, you remain "safe from pingΓΌinazos". Often the only way to detect these networks is indirect, not algorithmically (usually). And in these cases, the only recourse that Google has is to apply a manual penalty.

To create the blogs of these private networks, expired domains that used to have a good authority are usually used, which can give a big boost to the money site.

Link baiting

You're a good boy? Then link baiting is for you. It is about creating valuable content and sitting down to wait for them to link to you. It is the safest way to build a link profile, but it has two problems: it is a slow process, and nobody guarantees that they will recognize the value of your content.

In any case, valuable content is very useful, not only for link baiting (which can be combined with other techniques we have seen) but also because it is a very important asset when looking for webmasters who are willing to put us a link.

Of the techniques to do link building that we have seen, in the first and the last you depend on other people. The others have the advantage that you only depend on yourself (and that is very useful in case you have to resort to the Disavow tool to get rid of a penalty).

The riskiest techniques, such as link wheels and tiers, are often used to position affiliate websites and similar projects, in which the objective is to rank quickly and obtain maximum profit before a penalty takes the site down. When it comes to a corporate website or blog, you have to think things through more carefully and weigh if it's worth it. For most projects, it is not necessary to create networks with dozens of blogs and other types of link sources to rank well in search engines.

To download get more SEO-related useful free articles, keep on visiting my blog at-hsedocuments frequently. Kindly, don't forget to share on your social media, e.g, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

June 29, 2022

The Dangers of Peanut Contamination

Despite the name, peanuts are classed as legumes, the same as peas and beans, and are packed with nutrients. Without the salt or sugar which is added when they’re roasted, peanuts can be considered a healthy snack. Peanuts in their shells come either roasted or unroasted, but raw peanuts can pose a risk to health which roasted peanuts do not.

An ounce of peanuts contains 170 calories and of those 130 are from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. These are the healthier types of fat and the less healthy, saturated fat, which only accounts for 2 grams in the 14 found in a serving of peanuts. With 7 grams per serving, peanuts pack a healthy protein hit as well as contain 2 grams of fiber which helps regulate blood sugar and maintain low levels of cholesterol. Some of the health benefits of peanuts are destroyed during the roasting process.

In their raw state peanuts are hard to digest, causing flatulence, cramping, and abdominal distension. It is much easier to digest peanuts that have been soaked in purified water, preferably overnight, although they should be rinsed thoroughly before ingestion. Soaked peanuts will go off quickly, however, and should be kept in the fridge.

Toxins from a metabolite of the fungus Aspergilla Flavis can be present in raw peanuts and the mold that grows on the fungus can contain aflatoxin which is carcinogenic mycotoxin. Found predominantly on cottonseed, peanuts, and corn, according to Environment, Health and Safety Online, the ingestion of aflatoxin can cause cancer of the liver. The symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning can include brain edema, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, convulsing and passing out as well as a build-up of fat in the internal organs which can be deadly.

Those who want to continue eating raw peanuts can protect themselves with a few simple measures, such as buying from a reputable supplier and checking whether they specifically say they are aflatoxin free, although bear in mind that the USDA allows for contamination of 20 monograms per gram. Never keep peanuts for more than four months and store them in a dry, cool, dark place – this is the advice from peanut retailers the Lee Bros.

As a favorite of children, peanut butter does have some health benefits: it’s a good source of protein and has a high calorific count with nearly 200 calories in a two-tablespoon serving. A serving also has 3 grams of sugar, 16 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber.

Although allergies to milk and eggs are more common in children, symptoms of a peanut allergy can be severe, including itching in the throat and mouth, swelling in the airways resulting in difficulty breathing, rashes, low blood pressure, and anaphylaxis.

Although the mold that causes afflation is common in several products including peanuts and is carcinogenic in animals, it is considered an unavoidable contaminant by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

 The Dangers of Peanut Contamination 

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June 29, 2022

Why Do Accidents Occur ?-PowerPoint Training

On-site, every minor or major accident is caused by a failure in one of four Areas: 

  1. The worker
  2. The tools 
  3. The materials

Usually, accidents occur due to the following 2-reasons:

A. The worker. 

B. The Unsafe Acts  & Unsafe Conditions. 

Today, we will discuss and review some types of unsafe acts and Unsafe conditions that often lead to fatal and serious incidents/accidents.


Types of Unsafe Acts:

  1. Operating a tool or some equipment without authority. 
  2. Working at an unsafe speed.
  3. Use of unsafe,  improper, damaged, or defective equipment, and or tools or 
  4. Use of equipment in an unsafe, careless, and bad manner. 
  5. Disconnecting safety devices.
  6. Unsafe unloading, placing, or mixing materials. 
  7. Assuming an unsafe position or posture. 
  8. Working on moving equipment.
  9. Horseplay or distractions; taking shortcuts.
  10. Failure to wear and use personal protective equipment.

Unsafe Acts Result From:

A. An improper attitude.

B. Lack of knowledge or skills.

C. Reduced mental or physical capacities.

Unsafe Conditions:

  1. Improper guarding.
  2. Defective equipment or materials. 
  3. Unsafe working procedures. 
  4. Improper housekeeping.
  5. Poor lighting or ventilation.
  6. Improper personal attire (Poor dress).
  7. No or improper evaluation of site conditions.

Additional Discussion Notes:


Where Applicable and mandatory. machines must be significantly protected by guards.  Don’t remove the protection safety guards or by pas such safety protection barriers or systems for your ease. Such all types of safety guards and systems are just for your safety, and for the employer, it will reduce the legal notices and financial fines when there is no significant serious injury or occurrences.

Why Do Accidents Occur ?-PowerPoint Training 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June 28, 2022

Sun Safety at Work PowerPoint Training



This safety toolbox talk will highlight the details and statistics about skin cancer, who is at great risk, and how to protect your employees, and yourself.


  • Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a major cause of skin cancer in humans. Skin cancer cases have increased and almost doubled in the last 20 years worldwide.
  • Approximately, 35,000 to 40,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer and 2,000 people lead to death from skin cancer due to sun ultraviolet each year.
  • Sun rays cause the human skin to create and develop a dark stain termed melanin; this indicates that the skin has been destructed and affected.
  • Long-term sun exposure speeds up the skin's aging process, making it drier and wrinkled.
  • The workers or people working in direct Sun should consider exposure to Ultraviolet radiation as an occupational health hazard.
  • A suntan (a brown or lightless shade of skin developed after exposure to the sunlight) is perceived as ‘healthy’ but it may not be so.


A. People with pale skin, fair hair, freckles, or a large number of moles.

B. People with a family history of skin cancer and those with excessive exposure to sunlight, such as outdoor workers.

C. The risk is less for people with dark hair and brown or black skin. However, prolonged sun exposure can be bad for skin types. Do not be complacent.


Category 1:  White skin, never tans, always burns. Generally, people with red or fair hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and freckles.

Category 2:  White skin, burns easily, but may tan eventually. May have decent and clean hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

Types 1 and 2 must take extra care to avoid strong sunshine or cover up with woven clothing wear, a hat.

Category 3:  White skin, tans easily and burns rarely. Often with darkish hair and eyes and slightly darker skin.

Category 4:  White skin, never burns, always tans, darker hair, eyes, and skin.

Types three and 4 must nevertheless take care in robust sunshine.

Category 5:  Brown skin

Category 6:  Black Skin

Categories 5 and 6 are at a minor risk of skin cancer but it can happen. These skin categories can still blacken and even burn in stronger sunlight.


a. Take care not to burn, this can take as little as 10 minutes.

b. Cover up with loose clothing. Keep your apparel on so you do no longer exposed to unprotected regions.

c. Seek shade during the hottest part of the day and take your breaks in the shade.

d. Apply high-factor sunscreen generously and frequently to any parts of the body exposed to the sun; SPF 15 or above.

e. If you are concerned about moles changing shape or color and itching, weeping, or bleeding, see your General Practitioner immediately.

Sun Safety at Work PowerPoint Training

Download the File Here πŸ‘‡

Sun Safety at Work PowerPoint Training

Saturday, June 25, 2022

June 25, 2022

Fall from Heights Emergency Rescue Plan

A Standby Person or Rescuer shall be required while persons are working at heights under working at heights. Accidental and unplanned rescue operations from height can turn into fatal human injury or death. Leaving a worker who is working at height suspended in a full-body harness can result in fatal physical injuries and or death. If a fall from heights has occurred, the Standby or Rescue Person shall ensure the following steps are undertaken:

  1. Notify your company/organization's Communications Officer of the event, including giving the following information: Gender - Male or female,  Age, Weight, Known problems from the fall e.g. broken leg, conscious, unconscious, equipment damaged, Amount of time suspended so far…
  2. The Communications Officer shall in turn relay this information to [YOUR COMPANY NAME] Emergency Services.
  3. The Standby and or rescuer person shall trigger and institute Verbal Contact with the fall victim as soon as practicable to evaluate and assess consciousness, reassure and ask whether the fallen victim and or can “Self Rescue” by providing enough and essential equipment is available to them and have been trained to do so.
  4. The Standby Person or Rescuer shall consider whether self-rescue is possible considering other factors such as is the equipment visibly damaged.
  5. If self-rescue is not possible – promptly and quickly set up the stand-by rescue equipment on hand.
  6. Rescue if safe to do so – if not safe, do not put other lives at risk and wait for Emergency Services to arrive.
  7. Leave the rescue equipment in place that you have set up, as the Emergency Services may be able to utilize some of your equipment, device, and technique and save time by not setting theirs up.
  8. Provide and assist where needed when asked by emergency rescue services eg, 911/999, etc. 

Fall from Heights Emergency Rescue Plan 

Download The File Here πŸ‘‡ 

June 25, 2022


As you know, Google Local, also called Google Places, is being used more and more, and therefore, for many businesses with a specific location, it is much more important to be well established and positioned for these local Google searches and search engines.

Presently, every business owner, seller, or buyer who is going to make a purchase or sell in a local business that they are not well aware, generally opens his web browser and inserts his required details in it and makes a search in the search engines promptly, either to consult expert opinions, see the location, check the telephone number, etc... therefore, we cannot stop aside all this traffic for our business.

Every time a local search is done, a mix of organic results, organic results based on location, and Google+ Local results are made in the Google SERPs.

Here are 5 tips to improve SEO in your Google+ Local campaigns that will give you a competitive advantage over your competition's local businesses:

1. Complete your profile 100%

It may look clear, but the reality is that there is a variety of local profiles that only have 50% accomplished. Google usually gives preference to profiles that are 100% covered, thereby providing you with as much information as possible, and in turn Google provides the best possible user experience.

Google also takes into account the opening hours of your local business, for example, if your business is open during the time period in which the search is made. If the opening hours are not filled in on your Google+ Local profile, you may be left out of search results. Don't forget the photos and videos that, in addition to giving you more relevance, will help you differentiate yourself and stand out from other businesses.

2. Keep your name, address, and phone

You have to keep this in all the local sites and directories where you have to put your name, address, and telephone number, and you have to try to make these three factors the same in all of them. If you have a local phone and a company phone, always use one of the two in all the directories, but always the same... if you are on Calle Santa Susana, always write Calle Santa Susana, not "Santa Susana" in some others “Sta Susana” (to give an example)

I would also recommend using the name, address, and telephone number in the footer or sidebar visible on all the pages of your website with schema structured data.

3. Use all relevant Google+ Local categories

Google does not allow custom categories, so you have to choose the ones that Google+ shows you by default, so try to choose all the categories that are related to your work, physical or e-commerce business, since it is one of the methods and techniques that Google+ Local uses to categorize accordingly your businesses and show them in the search results.

4. Get REAL reviews

When I say that you get real reviews... they are real reviews, not the reviews of your family and friends, but reviews of your real clients, and to be able to be really happy clients, since the reviews, in addition to being a local positioning factor, it is also an important factor in the user's purchase decision.

Therefore try and get those real reviews, for this you need to manipulate (and we are able to write about it), however, a great method is to encourage the customer to write them, emphasize the advantageous opinions, "praise" the clients who accomplish that, and many others.

5. Add a Google Local map of your business on your website

For instance, on the Contact or Location page, add a Google Local map ingrained and installed with the Html code given by Google.

To try this you have to look for your business on Google maps, and at the bottom proper, wherein there's a little wheel, click on to open the drop-down and choose "Share and insert map", and then choose the option to embed on your website with the Html code that Google shows you... it seems silly, but it is a recommendation that I make to you.


Friday, June 24, 2022

June 24, 2022

The Most Specific Four Factors for Work Area Inspections

Workplace inspection safety Four Focus Items for Work Area Inspections particularly in relation to the Facility Management MEP work activities.

At any project, whether it is related to general construction or Facility Management MEP, immediate Work area health and safety observations through inspections are an essential and initial safe work practice (SWP) that should be accomplished before the start of any FM & MEP tasks. In the general industry, many work areas remain the same day in and day out. On the other contrary side, there are locations that we work in that are constantly changing.

No issue, if we are consistently working in the same work area without any alteration, and if there is any change in working environment, methods, machinery, equipment, or complying personnel, it is essential to do a complete inspection of it. There are general hazards that affect practically. Every workplace essentially focuses on four factors before starting work are:

  1. The condition of tools
  2. Organization of work areas
  3. Trip hazards
  4. Hand hazards

Now, we will discuss Four particular Items for Today’s Work Area Inspection

Tool Condition

  1. Handheld tools are continuously and frequently being used during work tasks and over time they are forced to take some abuse. Mostly, a variety of tools is utilized past their working life. And if we, still are used despite being expiry and damaged or not working as we expect from them, severe minor or major physical injuries and or asset damages can happen. 
  2. Make a comprehensive and careful Inspection of all handheld tools for their deteriorated handles, chipping, bending, or just non-functionality in general.

Organization of Work Area 

The working area in the site must be set up as per the requirements for health and safety from the client, state’s health and safety governing and compliance authorities, where all workers are free from dangers to their life, and they return to their home safely.

The term “Complacency”, often sets in when it comes to how we select to organize machinery, tools, materials, and equipment. 

Take the following an initial and honest look at how your work area is set up:

  1. Are there overhead hazards? 
  2. Are heavy items, materials, or objects that require to be lifted from the ground frequently? 
  3. Are essential parts, materials, or objects getting dirty or deteriorated from where they are fixed? 
  4. Think carefully, and positively and evaluate how changes or a rearrangement of a work location can make it a hazard-free working site.

Trip Hazards

  1. Trips are a common cause of injuries at work. 
  2. Objects on the ground level/floors, material, and objects hanging from shelves are just a few general examples of critical and fatal trip hazards at the site. 
  3. Slip and Trip hazards are some of the common and fewer hazards to eradicate from work areas.

Hand Hazards

As per the statics provided, and highlighted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1 million workers are treated in the emergency room for hand injuries each year. 

Some general types of injuries to our hands are supposed to be:

  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Crushed-by
  • Fractures.

Hazards that cause these hand injuries can be found nearly anywhere on our site as below:

  • Pinch points
  • Moving parts
  • Unguarded equipment
  • Hot surfaces
  • Dropped objects

All above-described types of hazards should be closely looked at when inducting for hand hazards during the inspection.


  1. These most specific four factors are just a small list of possible items you should pay attention to when identifying and mitigating hazards during a work area inspection. 
  2. Pay attention to these specific four factors initially today. 
  3. It is often what we consider small things or small hazards that cause the majority of injuries. 
  4. Avoid complacency when it comes to addressing any hazard in your work areas.

 The Most Specific Four Factors for Work Area Inspections

Download The File Here πŸ‘‡

The Most Specific Four Factors for Work Area Inspections 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022

Management of Petrochemicals-Fuels and Chemicals

Management of Fuels and Chemicals

What is needed?

Any procedures related to the management of petrochemicals

Characteristics of the Fuels & Chemicals

It is observed and diagnosed by the majority of people and chemical & medical specialists that fuel and chemicals in any form have the potential and capability to harm, but very few people are aware of the impact they can have on the environment and or on other living creature.

What Fuel Can?

  1. Instantly kill wildlife, including fish, mice, insects, and plant life
  2. Pollute watercourses result in devastating environmental impacts
  3. Accumulate within plants and animals and be passed onto humans via the food chain
  4. Accumulate over prolonged periods in the ground causing a major pollution problem. With increasingly strict legislation and policing bodies such as the Environment Agency, the polluter can be prosecuted and made to pay for the clean-up and the damages caused.

The worst fuel and Chemical impact can be avoided by practising the following guidelines:

Containers and Barrels

  1. Care must be taken when moving or using containers/barrels containing fuel
  2. Do not store drums too tightly against each other so that those in the centre cannot be seen. Store all containers/barrels in such a way so that all the containers can be seen to inspect for any leaks
  3. Check that the bung is secure before moving any barrels or containers
  4. Ensure that all tanks, drums, containers, and barrels are labelled with their contents, this is particularly important when the re-use of containers occurs
  5. Do not leave containers/barrels lying around where they may be struck by plant
  6. Do not leave containers/barrels in areas adjacent to watercourses
  7. Dispose of empty containers/barrels in correct waste disposal facilities as they always retain some liquid which is a potential contaminant.

Storage Tanks

  1. Large tanks of diesel or other bulk liquids must be protected by an impermeable or lined bund, which has to be 110% capacity of the storage container
  2. Storage Tanks’ Taps must always be focused and installed within the bund and require to be padlocked to negate and rectify any issue with spillage and vandalism
  3. Frequently examine, observe and inspect taps and hoses for any leakage possibility.

Maintenance of Machinery and Plant

  1. Drip trays must be placed under the plant and must be emptied regularly into the correct disposal facilities
  2. The refuelling of the plant must not be carried out within 30 metres of any watercourse
  3. Maintenance of plant must not be carried out within 30 metres of any watercourse (Please note that thirty metres are given as a guideline for an ideal situation).

Undertake a Practical Exercise:

  1. Fill up a bucket of clear water and intentionally throw it over. (Causing a spillage)
  2. Let the workforce and other concerned employees take charge and allow them to cope with the so-called incident
  3. Once completed, discuss if the actions were correct and that all employees followed the company guidelines.

Management of Petrochemicals-Fuels and Chemicals

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Management of Petrochemicals-Fuels and Chemicals

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

June 22, 2022

Barricades Barriers and Warning-Signs Safe Work Practices-Safety Talks-PowerPoint Training



Employees shall closely pay attention to warning signs. The various means of warning communication are used where hazardous conditions exist, barricades, barriers, and/or warning signs, such as tape, cones, or flashing lights, shall be used to warn employees and the public of the dangers.


Where critical and fatal hazardous conditions exist in a poorly illuminated area or after sunset or where darkness exists, proper and sufficient lighting shall be provided, and flashing warning lights shall be installed on all sides of the hazardous locations.


Properly approved railings from the competent and concerned authorities and the company shall be installed and utilized to guard and protect the stairways and other open-sided floors. proper protection system and techniques such as Toe boards. Other alternative means and techniques shall be installed and introduced where falling tools, materials, or other objects or equipment create hazards to other assets or humans.


While installing and making the isolation and barrication, use a safety tag have a safety-related information tag containing the date the barricade is erected, the person accountable for the installation, and the objective of the barricade.


Red tape with a tag shall be installed to identify critical danger and to prevent and safeguard the proper and secure access into an immediate and working area. Persons required to enter the red-taped area to address the hazard shall understand and be protected from the hazard.


To safeguard and secure the area, yellow warning safety tape with a tag is used to warn and caution and make aware of the possible potential of a hazard in the area. Persons required to enter the area shall understand and be protected from the hazards.

Barricades Barriers and Warning-Signs Safe Work Practices-Safety Talks-PowerPoint Training

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June 22, 2022

Dr. Simeons Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet Plan for Rapid Fat Loss

Dr. Simeon’s diet plan was developed half a century ago and so far has actually helped numerous thousands of people to lose weight for life without undergoing surgery or experiencing the nasty side effects of fat-burning drugs. It is based on prescribing a bodily hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin to the patients and giving them an extremely low-calorie diet plan to do for a specified amount of time.

The HCG hormone is a maternity hormone. Its levels start increasing as soon as the egg implants itself in the uterus and testing for HCG in the blood is commonly used to check for pregnancy. The HCG, however, does not cause pregnancy signs itself.

When you combine the stimulation of the metabolic process with a shortage in sugar, you will obtain rapid and effective weight loss. It takes a bit of willpower however you will not feel famished and you will be rewarded with incredibly rapid weight loss.

The diet can be done on rounds of 26 or 40 days according to exactly how much weight needs to be lost. The reason why it is not possible to prolong the diet plan for more than 40 days is that the body becomes accustomed to the bodily hormone and so it ceases to be efficient.

When Dr. Simeon began treating individuals for weight problems he only did personalized diet regimes. If there were medical reasons for the unrestrained weight gain, he would do a complete check-up on the patient. He would check the thyroid, for instance. He would ask the patient at what age they had started to put on weight and exactly what their max weight had actually been. By taking into consideration age, height, gender, and beginning weight, he had the ability to fine-tune his treatment to the patient’s specific needs and get exceptional results.

In half a century of practice, a lot has been learned and nowadays it is possible to do the diet plan alone as dosages have been standardized. Statistically, there doesn’t appear to be any particular advantage to doing injections rather than taking the sublingual drops. It is recommended to read Dr. Simeon’s book “Pounds and Inches” to have a good understanding of exactly what the diet involves.

If you are trying to find a credible producer of HCG drops, you are welcome to come to see our customer assessments on

Dr. Simeons Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet Plan for Rapid Fat Loss 

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Dr. Simeons Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet Plan for Rapid Fat Loss 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

June 18, 2022

Take Away Your Stress by Massages Therapies

The Different Effects of Stress

Our world today is becoming very busy and it’s close to impossible not to avoid stress from coming to us. Stress has become a constant feeling that we all carry due to the continuous problems and responsibilities that keep coming our way. Stress comes from a lot of sources like problems, responsibilities at home, school, and work, and other priorities like community events.

Many of us fail to hold the seriousness of stress since it’s only a product of a busy day. What most of us don’t know is that stress can cause health diseases and can impair the normal functioning of our bodies.

We should not take benefit of stress and should learn how to remove it from us. A good way to relieve stress is through obtaining good massage therapy. It’s beneficial that we get massage treatments from time to time therefore we can have the body and minds relaxed and then be free from stress before it controls us.

The Benefits of Massage Therapies

Getting massages does really feel good but the benefits you get from it don’t stop there. A massage treatment will improve your blood circulation letting your vital organs receive the proper nutrients and oxygen. This will also help in relaxing those tight muscles which were caused by stress. A great massage treatment once in a while will improve our looks as well preventing us from appearing older than our age. Getting massages will even improve the flexibility of your joints helping you to freely move without too many restrictions. There are lots of benefits you can get from getting massages and when you get them regularly, you’re unconsciously improving your body’s condition and health.

Finding a Great Massage Parlor

Although there are many massage parlors in your area, not all of them share exactly the same quality of services. There are massage salons that are known to give excellent services while you will find other people who are not too particular when it comes to quality services. It’s crucial that you can look for any salon that is well-known to provide great services because otherwise, you will get disappointing services making the massage treatment useless which will only add to your stress. To efficiently get rid of stress, you must know much more about Florida acupuncture. You have to release stress before it begins to accumulate inside you.

 Take Away Your Stress by Massages Therapies

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Friday, June 17, 2022

June 17, 2022

How to Relieve Hip Pain Naturally With Acupuncture Therapy


The number of people living every day with hip pain is great. In many cases, this pain can be totally debilitating and cause serious mobility issues. For many people, pain management comes in the form of medications that can also deliver side effects not suitable for the long term. 

Some patients dealing with arthritis take pain medication every day, more than once or twice a day. Taking medications for a long period can cause your body to experience side effects that have long-lasting symptoms. Learning more about the natural way to relieve pain is best.

Joint replacement has become a common surgical procedure. Thousands of patients have experienced hip replacement only to have the pain associated with bad joint materials. Several hip joint replacement parts have been recalled. Making the choice for a natural way of pain relief may be the safest choice.

The ancient Chinese found the benefits of acupuncture to be good for many ailments. People today are still reaping the benefits of this ancient natural therapy. Many of these professionals can be found in hospitals and other types of medical clinics all around the world.

The term Qi was given to the line of energy the ancient Chinese believed ran throughout the human body. When there is a break in this line of energy, the Chinese believed medical problems began to take place. Putting the line of energy back into the proper position was done using acupuncture. Millions of people still receive this therapy for a variety of medical issues.

Living with pain every day can cause the quality of life to be less than desirable. Making the choice to explore natural therapy can have several benefits for your good health. 

How to Relieve Hip Pain Naturally With Acupuncture Therapy 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

June 14, 2022

Excavation General Safety Toolbox Talks ppt


As per the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS), from 2013-to 2017], there were 97 trench-related fatalities in the construction sector – an average of 19 per year, from a low of 10 worker deaths in 2014 to a high of worker's deaths; 33 in 2016 [BLS, 2019]. The excavations in the USA are common that could be seen in the construction industry and sites all across the United States. This excavation work can come with various hazards, by following basic safety guidelines and safety measures, excavation work can be made safe and free of serious fatal and human injuries.


  1. Cave in and collapses
  2. Water accumulation (drowning)
  3. Falls into the excavation
  4. Utility strikes
  5. Poisonous gases collecting in an excavation



  1. Follow OSHA’s guidelines for protective systems to protect employees entering the excavation. 
  2. Often the soil being excavated is referred to as “Type C” which is the most hazardous for employees to enter. 
  3. Excavations should be sloped back according to OSHA’s guidelines which depend on the soil type present. 
  4. Trench boxes and shoring are other options to protect employees entering the excavation.
  5. Prohibit equipment and other employees from working above anyone working in the trench or excavation.


  1. Use pumps to remove water from the excavation and do not allow employees to be in any excavation or trench that has water accumulating in it. 
  2. Water affects the integrity of the excavation.
  3. Never leave the excavation open when work is not being performed in the area. 
  4. Use of proper barricade protection system, fencing, and precautionary and warning signages to protect both employees and anyone passing by from falling into the excavation or driving into it.


  1. Always use the “One Call” service in your area to ensure there are no utilities in proposed excavation areas or have utilities properly marked before digging. 
  2. Look at as-built drawings when they are available for the area the excavation is occurring.


Before proceeding and carrying out any excavation work, make sure that the gas testing is conducted for a hazardous atmosphere in excavation and individuals have to enter. Also, make sure that the gas testing is conducted involving any low points where gases can accumulate.


  1. Has anyone experienced a trench collapse or cave-in at another job?
  2. What are some other hazards excavation operations create onsite?
  3. How can we further protect ourselves from the hazards that excavation operations create?

Excavation General Safety Toolbox Talks ppt


Excavation General Safety Toolbox Talks ppt

Monday, June 13, 2022

June 13, 2022

Electrical Injuries Safety Toolbox Talk

Electrical Injuries

The various power/electricity associated hazards cause fatal workplace injuries to the workplace workforce. The electrical hazards are frequently present in various types of industries including but not limited to general industry, construction, and MEP Facility management work. It is essential for the project engineers, technicians, workers, and other work-related staff to be well aware, capable, and competent to detect, and perceive the electrical hazards around their work area art site, or facility and minimize the possibilities and occurrences of electrical-related Injuries and Fatalities.

As per the statics from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), there were 166 fatal electrical injuries in 2019. There was a total of 1,900 injuries due to electrical that required days away from work in 2019.

Reference: (Electrical Safety Foundation International)

If we look forward, the above-mentioned statics are only for the injuries and fatalities related to electrical. Moreover, the above statistics, do not include injuries caused by secondary events such as falling from a height, scaffolds or other working platforms, confined space, excavation work, etc. Mostly, in almost every sector of work, various minor or serious injuries are not reported by the HSE personnel, supervisors, or even by the workers. So, when any of the individuals get some sort of shock but do not search for or need treatment for their physical injuries. Due to this incident reporting laxity, it is tough to completely track the happenings of severe or minor electrical shock in the workplace.

General Electrical Hazards

  1. Live and Energized overhead powerlines
  2. Lightning
  3. Faulty equipment/machinery/electrical devices or appliances
  4. Working on or near energized or live equipment/machinery/electrical devices or appliances
  5. Improper grounding
  6. Damaged insulation

The Basic Factors that Affect the Severity of the Electrical Shock

Here we will discuss when and how an electrical shock occurs when an employee, worker, or technician at the site or daily routine work becomes part of an electrical circuit and the electrical current passes through his body. 

A human body becomes part of a circuit when they are in contact with an electrical current and ground or an electrical current and another electrical current with a different voltage. Three basic aspects affect the severity of the electrical shock a human body receives or when it becomes a part of an electrical circuit:

A. Amount of current flowing through the body (measured in amperes).

B. Path of the current through the body.

C. Length of time the body is in the circuit.

There are also secondary considerations, for example, the moisture conditions or environment, conditions of the heart of the individual at the time of shock, and physical health status of the individual that can affect the severity of the shock and could harm minor or critical.

Safety Talks Outline

  1. There are many causes and ways to get injured or fatality by electricity both on the job or your routine repair or engagement with power-operated electrical appliances, etc. 
  2. If we look forward, the above-mentioned statics are only for the injuries and fatalities related to common electrical hazards, and how electrical shock occurs. 
  3. It is essential to understand how to mitigate electrical hazards. 
  4. Discuss the electrical hazards and the mitigation actions for these hazards in your workplace with your supervisor or health and safety manager.

Key Points to Discuss:

  1. What are some electrical hazards present onsite?
  2. What are ways we can protect ourselves from electrical-related injuries?

Electrical Injuries Safety Toolbox Talk


Electrical Injuries Safety Toolbox Talk

Sunday, June 12, 2022

June 12, 2022

Techniques For Managing And Taking Care Of Your Acne

Pimples can be a curse not simply mainly because it enables you to look bad, and also because it makes you feel bad. There is no need to permit pimples to ruin your day. There are several simple ways for you to enhance your skin. These important tips for your beautiful and marvelous skin will lead you toward the promised land of clear, spotless skin.

To preserve a clear face that is clear of pimples, wash your face 2 times a day using tepid to warm water and gentle soap. Be sure to rinse all soap with lukewarm water. It’s important to wash your skin when you exercise. Use a mild cleanser and scrub gently. By scrubbing too much, you could help make your acne go downhill.

Keep your hands off acne areas, as much as possible. Fingers will undoubtedly put more oils and dirt on the face and cause further problems. It is essential to stop touching your facial skin immediately. Things like holding your chin up, rubbing your face, and stuff like that, will make zits problems increase.


Tea tree oil may help you control your problem skin. Tea tree oil offers a non-trying strategy to eliminate oil from backing up with your pores.

To take care of your zits, make a facial mask that contains half lime juice and a half beginning nut oil. Take this concoction and relate it to the affected areas of your skin. It will not only heal existing pimples but also prevent future pimples from forming.

Treat zits on the body. Excessive perspiration can trigger breakouts, so it is vital to utilize a medicated wash and thoroughly cleanse skin after your exercise routine.

Body pimples must go too! Acne on the body can be produced worse with sweating be sure to use a medicated soap, and shower soon after exercise.

Stop stressing out over everything. Stress will not cause someone to develop zits, but it can make it worse.


Drinking plenty of water can assist you to minimize zits. As soon as your skin is dehydrated, the dead skin cells that you simply shed are still on top clogging your pores. This will further aggravate a zits condition. You should drink eight glasses of water every day to help your epidermis avoid dehydration and lose the dead skin cells.

It is vital that you not pick at zits or zits scars. This can irritate your skin layer, cause more scarring, or potentially cause contamination. To aid take steps about acne scars, speak with your doctor about medical treatments.


Zinc is an excellent supplement to take for pimples it provides properties in managing free radicals from forming below your skin. You need to take a daily zinc supplement to combat acne internally and to lessen the visible facial bumps related to cystic acne.


A blemish stick is surely an awesome tool for quickly and effectively hiding spots. Blemish sticks let you pinpoint blemishes that you wish to hide. Unlike regular concealers, blemish stick concealers are a bit thinner, helping the skin breathe more.

Chronic stress can exacerbate acne issues, so allow yourself a good amount of downtime and physical activity often to help keep stress under control. You will make things worse when you stress over every pimple.

Most of us have struggled with pimples, may it be the occasional breakout or a chronic condition, sooner or later in our life. Trying to eradicate your pimple problems can be a really difficult job. The info laid out here can provide real solutions for your skin. If you adopt the above-mentioned suggestions frequently times, you will have a beautiful, fairy look and clear skin.

Techniques For Managing And Taking Care Of Your Acne 


Techniques For Managing And Taking Care Of Your Acne 

June 12, 2022

Risk Assessment For Split AC Units

The following are some of the main important text taken from the original file for the risk assessment and their control measures for the Split AC Units installation. To download a complete risk assessment for the "Split AC Units", click on the given link at the end of these points:


Transport of units

Potential Hazards

Traffic collision fall of material

Proposed Control measures

  1. Conduct PEP talk before loading/unloading.
  2. Mechanically fit, tested, and inspected vehicles shall be used.
  3. The condition of the vehicle shall be checked and approved before transport of units
  4. While shifting, the duct material shall be securely placed in the involved truck.
  5. The duct shall be tightly secured using Nylon ropes.
  6. A vehicle with a suitable platform & foldable side gates shall be involved to prevent the fall of items.


Installation of Units

Potential Hazards

  1. Fall of men from
  2. Ladder/scaffold.
  3. Fall of material from Height.
  4. Injury from using a hack saw cutter etc.
  5. Dust, debris, and Splinters
  6. Trip hazard

Proposed Control measures

  1. All Personnel equipment shall be worn by workmen.
  2. Well-trained, physically fit workforce/Rigger shall be involved in the unloading of ducting operation.
  3. Use of safety helmets, Shoes, Fluorescent jackets, and other relevant PPEs ensured for all workers.
  4. Tools and materials shall not be scattered around the workplace and shall be neatly stacked in a convenient location.

 Risk Assessment For Split AC Units


Risk Assessment For Split AC Units



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